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15 Series II, 10 Series III and 6 Series III home entertainment
speaker systems
Questions and Answers
Why should consumers invest in a Bose
speaker system?
All Bose speaker systems – at all price points – offer meaningful benefits to consumers that set
Bose speaker systems apart in sound quality, ease of use and ease of placement in the home.
Research is a priority at Bose, both for developing new technologies and improving existing ones.
And Bose stands behind its products. These are just some of the reasons Bose is considered the
most respected name in sound.
Who are the target customers for Acoustimass home entertainment speaker systems?
Acoustimass home entertainment speaker systems are designed for consumers who desire the
twin benefits of high-performance sound and low-profile equipment. These customers either lack
the space for five larger speakers or would rather not accommodate full-size speakers into their
décor. Acoustimass speaker systems deliver high quality, full-range speaker performance without
taking up valuable space in the room.
How does a Virtually Invisible
Acoustimass speaker system design deliver high
performance from such small speakers?
The lower frequencies of a sound signal – for all channels – are sent to the Acoustimass module
which reproduces the sound using proprietary acoustic technologies. All other frequencies are
sent to the tiny cube speakers. Because the module delivers deep, full bass with no adverse
audible artifacts, in most situations the listener cannot “localize” the bass – a key advantage. It
allows the listener to hide the Acoustimass module – the largest part of the system – almost
anywhere in the room. All the sound appears to come from the small and elegant cube speakers,
which can be placed easily and unobtrusively throughout the room.
What are some other key benefits of active-passive Acoustimass speaker systems?
As an active-passive speaker system, the Acoustimass module is powered. This enables power
from the receiver or amplifier to be directed to the cube speakers, allowing for more efficient and
better sounding overall system performance. Active-passive Acoustimass speaker systems are
engineered to deliver outstanding quality sound that will play clearly and consistently even at the
highest volumes, while providing the appropriate full bass output even at the lowest listening
levels. The latter benefit allows listeners to enjoy full, deep bass at any volume and still hear
natural-sounding dialogue.
What are the different Acoustimass home entertainment speaker systems?
Acoustimass 15 Series II home entertainment speaker system:
Our best Virtually Invisible
home entertainment speaker system, delivering superior
sound performance, lifelike spaciousness and exceptionally deep bass. Engineered for
the discriminating component-minded consumer who is passionate about home theater
and wants the best 5.1-channel Bose offering. This model is easily upgradeable to a 6.1-
channel speaker system with the optional center surround channel addition kit.
Acoustimass 10 Series III home entertainment speaker system:
Our high-performance Virtually Invisible
home entertainment speaker system that offers
high-quality sound and lifelike spaciousness. Engineered for the more established
component-minded customer who seeks high-quality Bose sound and value in a small-
sized speaker system.
6 Series III home entertainment speaker system:
Offers acclaimed Bose
performance and technology in an entry-level Virtually Invisible
home entertainment speaker system. Engineered for the component-minded consumer
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