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Summary of Contents




10EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsUsing a Component Video TV ConnectionConnecting the VS-2 component video output to your


11English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsChoosing connection types for your A/V devices1. Look at the rear panel of each A/V

Page 4 - Introduction

12EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsUsing a S-Video TV ConnectionConnecting the VS-2 S-Video output to your TVYou can use t

Page 5 - Unpacking

13English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsChoosing connection types for your A/V devicesIf you connected your TV to the VS-2 u

Page 6 - Preparation

14EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsUsing a Composite Video TV ConnectionConnecting the VS-2 composite video output to your

Page 7 - Your TV Connection Options

15English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsConnecting your A/V devices to the VS-2If you connected your TV to the VS-2 using a

Page 8 - Using an HDMI TV Connection

16EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsProgram Recording ConnectionsConnecting your cable/satellite box to your VCR/DVRTo reco

Page 9

17English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsOperating InformationUpdating the system software1. Turn on your LIFESTYLE® system a

Page 10

18EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsNew Settings menu itemsWhen the VS-2 is connected to your LIFESTYLE® system, the follow

Page 11

19English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsSwitching sourcesAdding the VS-2 to your system setup greatly simplifies source sele

Page 12 - Using a S-Video TV Connection

2EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS1. Read these instructions. 2. Keep these instructions – fo

Page 13 - DO NOT USE

20EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsMounting Your VS-2 on a WallRequired toolsRecommended hardwareInstall two screws eight

Page 14

21English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsMaintaining Your VS-2Cleaning• Use only a soft, dry cloth to clean the outside of th

Page 15

22EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsTechnical informationDimensions15.6" W x 4.8" D x 1.6" H(39.55 cm x 12.0

Page 16 - Program Recording Connections

23English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsLimited WarrantyWhat is covered:All parts defective in material and workmanship. Thi

Page 17 - Operating Information

24EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska Nederlands

Page 18 - New Settings menu items

25English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlands

Page 19 - Switching sources

REVIEW DRAFT 4 (9/18/06)©2006 Bose Corporation, The Mountain,Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA292564 AM Rev.00

Page 20 - Mounting Your VS-2 on a Wall

3EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsCONTENTSIntroduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 21 - Maintaining Your VS-2

4EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsIntroductionAbout your LIFESTYLE® VS-2 video enhancerThe LIFESTYLE® VS-2 video enhancer

Page 22 - Contacting Customer Service

5English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsUnpackingCarefully unpack the VS-2 video enhancer. Check to be sure your system inclu

Page 23 - Limited Warranty

6EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsConnecting the VS-2 to Your Media CenterPreparationWhen setting up a LIFESTYLE® system w

Page 24

7English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsYour TV Connection OptionsIdentifying your TV connectorsYour TV may have some or all

Page 25

8EnglishDeutschFrançais DanskEspañolItalianoSvenska NederlandsUsing an HDMI TV ConnectionConnecting the VS-2 HDMI output to your TVTo connect your TV

Page 26 - REVIEW DRAFT 4 (9/18/06)

9English Deutsch FrançaisDansk Español Italiano SvenskaNederlandsChoosing connection types for your A/V devices1. Look at the rear panel of each A/V d

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