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Engineered Sound Processor
Product Overview
A powerful digital signal processor that
provides control and audio processing in a
single, expandable unit. The system integrates
easily with popular facility control devices and
IT systems, and features simple and elegant user
interfaces that provide operation for a variety of
system applications.
The ControlSpace
ESP-88 system provides a
comprehensive and expandable DSP solution. It
ships as an eight-input and eight line-level output
system and is expandable to 64 audio channels.
Recent Enhancements
Automatic microphone mixing providing
gating, priority and NOM attenuation for
sound reinforcement systems using multiple
active microphone inputs.
Optional surround sound expansion card,
which decodes Dolby
Digital, DTS
and PCM
audio formats, eliminating the need for an
external decoder, and integrating all the audio
processing within the ESP-88.
Expanded Serial Protocol to enable the
ControlSpace system to work with popular
third-party control devices.
Product Information
The ControlSpace ESP-88 engineered sound
processor has a complete set of audio-processing
algorithms, a flexible signal path and expandable
card architecture that make it an excellent solution
for most engineered sound applications.
For larger applications, optional audio expansion
cards can be added, and an optional DSP expansion
d can incr
ease processor power and delay
memory by 4x. Multiple ESP-88 processors can
be utilized.
The ControlSpace ESP-88 processor supports
multiple choices of user control interfaces,
including the ControlSpace CC-4 room controller,
CC-16 zone controller and CC-64 control center.
The Contr
olSpace Designer™ softwar
e (included)
is used to configure the ControlSpace ESP-88
ocessor and the user interfaces. The Smart
Simulation pr
allows immediate
testing of the functionality to verify all contr
programming. The software runs on a PC and
communicates with the system over Ether
Key Features
Eight mic/line inputs and eight line outputs
Eight control inputs and eight control outputs
Low latency (610 microseconds analog in to
analog out)
Flexible cardframe architecture
Supported algorithms include: automatic
microphone mixing, compressor/limiter,
crossover, delay, filters, gain/mute, graphic
EQ, matrix mixer, meters, mixer, noise/tone
generators, noise gate, parametric EQ, router,
speaker EQ and crossovers, ducker,
automatic gain control and source selectors
Real-time clock for scheduling events by time
of day or day of week
Password protection of design files
Parameter sets allow one system to provide
different scenes and operation in separate
rooms or zones
-485 port for connecting up to 15
olSpace CC-16 zone contr
The ControlSpace ESP-88 engineered sound
processor is well-suited for:
Houses of worship Sports venues
Multipurpose facilities Schools
Hospitality Auditoriums
Bose Pr
ofessional Systems Division
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ControlSpace®ESP-88 Engineered Sound ProcessorProduct OverviewA powerful digital signal processor that provides control and audio processing in a sin

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ControlSpace®ESP-88 Engineered Sound ProcessorDetailed Product SpecificationsINPUTS8 analog, electronically balanced, microphone/line-level (software

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ControlSpace®ESP-88 Engineered Sound ProcessorRear Panel Drawing1 MIC/LINE INPUTS – Four balanced mic/line inputs (audio input connectors are green)

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ControlSpace®ESP-88 Engineered Sound ProcessorEngineers’ and Architects’SpecificationsThe engineered sound processor shall be a DSP-based signal proc

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ControlSpace®ESP-88 Engineered Sound ProcessorTECHNICAL DATA SHEETProduct CodesControlSpace ESP- 88 PC 041755120V – USControlSpace ESP- 88 PC 0417562

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