Bose 201 Series User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1

Bose® 201® and 301® Series V Direct/Reflecting® SpeakersOwner’s Guide

Page 2 - Declaration

©2004 Bose CorporationThe Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA264981-ENGvo AM Rev.02

Page 3 - Unpack the carton

2ContentsDeclaration of ConformityWe, the offerer:Bose® Corporation, The MountainFramingham, MA 01701-9168 USA acknowledge our sole responsibility, th

Page 4 - speakers

3Setting UpBefore you beginYour 201® or 301® Series V Direct/Reflecting® speakers recreate a natural balance of reflected and direct sound energy for

Page 5 - Prepare the cord

4Setting UpSelect the locations for your 201® or 301® speakersBose® 201 and 301 speakers are designed to fit horizontally on a stable and level table

Page 6 - Test the speakers

5Setting UpChoose the cordIt is important to use the proper gauge (thickness) of speaker cord.Wire recommendationsBased on a maximum frequency respons

Page 7 - Cleaning the speakers

6Setting UpMake the connectionsJust press the terminal tab on the back of each speaker to insert the appropriate wire (Figure 3).CAUTION: Before makin

Page 8 - Warranty period

7Using and Maintaining Your SpeakersEnjoying sound in a variety of waysYour 201® or 301® speakers are designed to work with a variety of stereo receiv

Page 9 - Optional accessories

8ReferenceTroubleshootingCustomer serviceIf the troubleshooting guidelines above do not solve your problem, contact your authorized Bose® dealer to ar

Page 10 - 264981-ENGvo AM Rev.02

9ReferenceTechnical informationFeaturesDirect/Reflecting® speaker technologyStereo Targeting® tweetersTuned port enclosureSyncom® computer quality con

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