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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Radio/CD

The Bose® Wave® Radio/CDOwner’s GuideTM


10Setting UpConnecting other components as an optionYou can use your Wave® Radio/CD to improve the sound of a TV, VCR, computer, or tape player.Or use

Page 3 - For your records

11CD changer, tapedeck, or VCRAudio output jacksIf there are two sets ofoutputs (fixed andvariable), use fixed sothat the volume canbe controlled from

Page 4 - Before you begin

12OnOffSleepCDFM AMAUXTrackTuneVolumeMute123456Wave Radio/CDPresetsOperating Your Wave® Radio/CDUsing the remote controlYou can use the remote control

Page 5 - Unpacking the carton

13PresetsVolumeAUXOn/OffAlarmSetup456Track/TuneSleep/SnoozeWave Radio/CDAlarm 1On/OffAlarm 2On/Off123FM AMStopAlarmCD Play CD ModeCD StopTime TimeUsin

Page 6 - Installing the battery

14Reading the Wave Radio/CD displayFigure 9The Wave Radio/CD displayLights when Alarm 1 isactivated, flashes whilesetting Alarm 1, and whengoing offIn

Page 7 - Adjusting the antennas

15Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDSetting the timeFunctionTo set the clock - Hold down either Time or button or press the same one twice.The time dis

Page 8 - Setting up the remote control

16Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDControlling the systemFunctionTo turn on/off - Press On/Off once to turn on or off. The system turnson to the last sour

Page 9

17Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDOn/OffFMAMFM AMTrack/TuneTrack/TuneTrackTuneTrackTuneTrack/TunePresets456123Presets456123FM AM123456PresetsAlarmSetupTr

Page 10 - Using other components

18Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDUsing the CD playerLift the CD door (as shown). Place the CD, label-side up, on the spindle in the CD well. Gentlylower

Page 11

19Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDReading the CD displayFigure 12A CD display exampleCD ModeCD StopOn/OffAlarmSetupFM AMAUXShows CD elapsed time,CD remai

Page 12 - Using the remote control

2Safety InformationWARNING: To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the Wave® Radio/CDto rain or moisture.As with any electronic p

Page 13 - Operating Your Wave

20Operating Your Wave® Radio/CDSetting the alarmsNote: You can set alarms with the Wave Radio/CD on or off.FunctionTo enter alarm setup mode - Press a

Page 14

21Using the alarmsFunctionTo turn Alarm 1 or Alarm 2 on/off - On the control panel only,press Alarm 1 to activate this alarm; ALARM 1 lights on the di

Page 15 - Customizing the display

22Maintaining Your Wave® Radio/CDTaking care of your Wave Radio/CDThe only necessary maintenance is cleaning and periodic battery replacement.Handling

Page 16 - Controlling the system

23TroubleshootingProblem What to doSystem does not function • Make sure the power cord is fully plugged into an operating AC wall outlet.• Press On/Of

Page 17 - Reading the radio display

24IndexAacoustic waveguide 4Alarm 1 13, 14, 20, 21Alarm 2 13, 14, 20, 21ALARM 1 or 2 indicator 20, 21Alarm Setup 13, 15-17, 19, 20, 28alarm time

Page 18 - Using the CD player

25IndexPpause 14, 18, 19, 23, 28play 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 23, 28playing time 18, 19portable tape player 11power cord 7, 23power failure 6, 21, 22

Page 21 - Using the alarms

28Quick Reference To Special FunctionsFunctionuse when...To use the nap timersystem is on or offsee page 16in alarm setup modeTo adjust the snooze tim

Page 22 - Technical information

29Bose® CorporationUSA & Canada SalesBose Corporation, The MountainFramingham, MA 01701-91681-800-637-8781USA & Canada ServiceBose Corporation

Page 23 - Customer service

3ContentsWhere to find…Setting UpBefore you begin...

Page 24

©2000 Bose Corporation, The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA250723 AM Rev.05 JN00209

Page 25

4Setting UpBefore you beginThank you for purchasing the Bose® Wave® Radio/CD.Fourteen years of research by Bose Corporation bring you the benefits of

Page 26

5Setting UpUnpacking the cartonCarefully unpack your system. Save all packing materials for possible future use. The originalpacking materials provide

Page 27

6Setting UpInstalling the batteryThe 9-volt battery maintains clock and alarm settings and operates the Wave® Radio/CD’sbackup alarm system for up to

Page 28 - Function

7Connecting the power cord1. Unwind the power cord completely to ensure the best FM reception. The FM antenna isbuilt into the power cord.2. Plug the

Page 29 - Corporation

8Setting UpSetting up the remote controlWARNING: Keep the remote control battery away from children. It may cause a fire orchemical burn if mishandled

Page 30 - 250723 AM Rev.05 JN00209

9Setting UpSee operatinginstructions for types ofbattery to be usedNote: Use only a Duracell, Eveready, Maxell, or Toshiba CR2032 or DL2032 lithium ba

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