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Home Theater
Information Center
4 Ways To Connect Your Ipod
to your Home Theater System
Connecting your iPod to your stereo may be
easier than you think.
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4 Simple ways to connect your iPod to your TV and stereo
By, Steve Hartfelder and Ryan Koskela or Diamond Case Designs, Inc.
The Apple iPod has gone from clever gadget to the quintessential portable music player in just over ten years since its
inception. In fact, the word “iPod” has become the catchword for all portable music players, much like “Xerox” is
synonymous for copying or "Kleenex" with tissue. Today it is common for the average household to have multiple iPods
amongst the different family members.
Portability has typically been the primary selling point of the iPod. Simply choose a good pair of head phones and you
can take your music with you on the go (car, plane, train, walk, jog, etc.). While the portability is fantastic, why should
your iPod be limited by headphones? Wouldn't it be great if you could take all of that music and play it back through your
home theater or stereo system?
Thankfully the home theater industry has responded to the sky rocketing popularity of the iPod and several products have
been developed allowing you to connect your iPod to your home theater and/or television. This article explores four of the
best ways to do just that.
Option 1 - A simple cable ($15)
The simplest and least expensive solution to connecting your iPod to your home
theater system is a specially designed cable. This $15 cable plugs into the
headphone jack of the iPod and provides RCA jacks for audio and video. The cable
is then plugged into corresponding RCA jacks on your home theater receiver or
Once connected, select the appropriate input on the stereo or TV to enjoy your
iPods content. The content is selected by physically using the controls on the iPod
TIP: When attempting to view videos or
photographs stored on your iPod through your TV it is necessary to activate the TV OUT
function on the iPod itself. Ex: To see a photo slide show on your TV enter the Photo
menu, then enter the Slide Show Settings menu, and you should see an option for TV Out
(see photograph at right). The options available for TV Out are "On", "Off", or "Ask".
The best selection here is "Ask". If this setting is made each time you attempt to view a
slide show the iPod will present you with a screen that says "TV Off" or "TV On". If you
want to see the slide show on the iPod screen itself , select "TV Off". If you want to see
the slide show on the TV screen, select "TV On". A similar set of steps would be followed
for viewing videos under the Video -> Video Settings menu.
TIP FOR CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE A DVD PLAYER IN THEIR CAR: If your car is outfitted with a built-in or portable
DVD player the iPod cable could be an incredible solution for you. Most car DVD players feature a set of "auxiliary"
input jacks. These jacks allow you to hookup an external device such as a portable game system or in this case your iPod.
This can be fantastic for two reasons; a direct connection to your car is the highest quality method of connecting your
iPod to your vehicle and you can view any movies stored on your iPod (either from the iTunes store or movies you copied
onto the iPod) in your vehicle. The movie viewing option can be particularly useful if you have kids as you can have
multiple movie titles available at your finger tips without having to carry around a bunch of DVDs in the car.
How To Connect Ipod To Cars DVD Player
1. Locate the auxiliary input jacks on your in-
car DVD player.
2. Connect the specialized iPod cable to the
headphone jack and auxiliary input jacks.
3. View movies or slide shows stored on your
iPod in your car.
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Home TheaterInformation Center4 Ways To Connect Your Ipodto your Home Theater System Connecting your iPod to your stereo may beeasier than you think.

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