Bose Home Theater Speakers V-100 User Manual

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Bose^ Home Theater Speakers
Model V-100 video speaker
V-300 “ home theater speaker set
Owner’s Guide
Guía del usuario
Notice d’utilisation
Manuale di istruzioni
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Summary of Contents

Page 1

Bose^ Home Theater SpeakersModel V-100 video speaker V-300 “ home theater speaker setOwner’s GuideBrugervejiedningBedienungsanleitungGuía del usuarioN

Page 2

Completing Your Surround Sound SetupUse your receiver to vary the soundTo use the video speaker in surround sound mode, be sure to set your receiver t

Page 3 - Before you begin

Completing Your Surround Sound SetupExpand your home theater system»ffective home theater sound, you will place other<ers to the left and right of

Page 4 - Unpack the carton

Maintaining Your Home Theater SpeakersCleaning speakersClean the outside of your Model V-100 or V-OOO'“ speakers by wiping the speaker with a dam

Page 5 - Center the video speaker

Produci Informationspeakers. Please fill out the information section on that card, and mail it to Bose\Technical informationFeaturesSyncom* computer q

Page 6 - Setting Up

Bose* CorporationUSABose Corporation, The Mountainmingham, MA 01701-9168 00-367-4008 'eekdays 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.ET (east

Page 7 - Connect the speakers

€>1996 Bose Corporation The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA JN95447 PN184207-Rev. 01 AM 184207-Rev. 01

Page 8

ContentsWhere to find...Setting UpBefore you begin...3Unpack the carton...

Page 9

Setting UpBefore you beginyou for choosing Bose'’ home theater speakers. Both ^Pyiodel V-100 video speaker and the V-300"^ home theater spea

Page 10 - Test each speaker

Setting UpUnpack the cartonCarefully unpack the carton and save all packing materials for possible future use. Inspect the contents (Figure 1a or 1b).

Page 11 - Figure 9

Setting Upi\lFigure 2________Alternate choices for placing the center channel video speakerCenter the video speakerThe video speaker provides center c

Page 12 - Warranty period

Setting UpFigure 4Alternate choices for placing the surround speakersPosition your surround speakersSurround speakers In the V-300'” speaker set

Page 13 - Declaration

Setting UpConnect the speakersjr receiver’s center channel is not amplified, you must rect an amplifier to the receiver. Use an RCA cable to connect t

Page 14 - Bose* Corporation

ISetting UpMake the connectionsAt the connection end of the speaker, slide one terminal lever aside and insert the appropriate wire (Figure

Page 15 - AM 184207-Rev. 01

Check the connections»sure each connection is made positive to positive (+ to negative to negative (- to -). Check to be sure that no loose strands of

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