Bose Lifestyle 235 Series III Setup Guide

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Summary of Contents

Page 1

Operating Guide | Guía del usuario | Guide d’utilisation

Page 2 - Important Safety Information

Controls and Indicators10 - EnglishButton function definitions (continued)Allows you to enter a 3-digit number (Japan only).Displays the OPTIONS menu.

Page 3 - Contents

Controls and IndicatorsEnglish - 11Control console1234561 System status indicatorOff... ...System is offRed ...Ne

Page 4

Controls and Indicators12 - EnglishSpeaker array (135 series III systems)StatusStatus indicator:Off ...Speaker array a

Page 5 - About your Lifestyle

English - 13Power On/Off ControlsStarting your systemTo start your system:Press the Power button on the remote or the console.In several seconds, the

Page 6 - Remote Control

14 - EnglishOperating Your System SourcesSelecting a sourceThe SOURCE menu allows you to select your sources and connected devices. The menu can disp

Page 7

Operating Your System SourcesEnglish - 15Watching TVYour TV may be receiving its program content through a set-top box or the tuner built into your TV

Page 8

Operating Your System Sources16 - EnglishPlaying audio/video devicesDuring the interactive setup process, you may have connected a CD, DVD, DVR, Blu-r

Page 9 - MORE buttons

Operating Your System SourcesEnglish - 17Selecting the radio 1. Press the SOURCE button.2. Keep pressing the SOURCE button to select FM or AM in the

Page 10 - Controls and Indicators

Operating Your System Sources18 - EnglishPlaying content from an iPod or iPhoneYour Lifestyle® system can play audio and video from an iPod or iPhone

Page 11 - Control console

Operating Your System SourcesEnglish - 19Using the front console inputsThe front of the console provides analog A/V inputs plus a USB and an HDMI™ inp

Page 12 - Acoustimass

2 - EnglishImportant Safety InformationPlease refer to your system’s setup guide for Important Safety Information.Important USA and Canada compliance

Page 13 - Shutting down your system

Operating Your System Sources20 - EnglishFront Analog A/V inputYou can use this input for devices that have composite video and left/right audio outpu

Page 14 - Selecting a source

English - 21Changing System OptionsUsing the system OPTIONS menuThe number of items appearing in the OPTIONS menu depends on which source is currently

Page 15 - Watching TV

Changing System Options22 - EnglishOption Available SettingsGame Mode On ...Reduces video processing and delayOff ...

Page 16 - Playing audio/video devices

Changing System OptionsEnglish - 23Option Available SettingsCenter Speaker (Not available on 235/135 series III systems)Adjusts the volume level of th

Page 17 - Selecting the radio

24 - EnglishChanging Your System SetupUNIFY® system overviewThe UNIFY intelligent integration system guides you through the initial process of setting

Page 18 - Operating Your System Sources

English - 25Care and MaintenanceTroubleshootingProblem What to doThe system is not responding to initial operation of my Bose® remote• Make sure the

Page 19

Care and Maintenance26 - EnglishProblem What to doSound quality has changed and speaker array status indicator is blinking orange (135 series III syst

Page 20 - Changing the image view

Care and MaintenanceEnglish - 27Problem What to doNo sound from a connected device• Check the connections.• If using a coaxial or optical audio con

Page 21 - OPTIONS menu

Care and Maintenance28 - EnglishResetting the system1. Press and hold the Power button on the control console for 5 seconds or until the system sta

Page 22 - Changing System Options

Care and MaintenanceEnglish - 29Performing a system software updateSystem software updates may be available periodically from Bose® and can be downlo

Page 23

English - 3ContentsIntroductionAbout your Lifestyle® system ... 5System feature

Page 24 - Using the UNIFY menu

Care and Maintenance30 - EnglishCleaningYou can wipe the outside surfaces using a soft dry cloth. You can also lightly vacuum the speaker grilles.CAUT

Page 25 - Troubleshooting

Care and MaintenanceEnglish - 31Technical informationRemote controlFrequency: 2.4 GHz Range: 33 ft (10 m)Control console power supply ratingAC input:

Page 26 - Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance32 - EnglishLicensing informationThis product contains one or more free or open source software programs originat-ing from third p

Page 27

Care and MaintenanceEnglish - 33

Page 28

©2014 Bose Corporation, The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA AM720423 Rev. 00

Page 29 - Replacing the batteries

4 - EnglishContentsPlaying content from an iPod or iPhone ... 18Using the front console inputs ...

Page 30 - Limited warranty

English - 5IntroductionAbout your Lifestyle® systemThank you for choosing a Bose® Lifestyle® system for your home. This elegant and easy-to-use system

Page 31 - Technical information

6 - EnglishControls and IndicatorsRemote ControlUsing the remoteThis advanced radio frequency remote works throughout the room. You do not need to aim

Page 32 - Licensing information

Controls and IndicatorsEnglish - 7Navigation controlsMENU – Displays the menu for a connected deviceINFO – Displays program informationOK – Selects or

Page 33

Controls and Indicators8 - EnglishInformation display The display provides operating and system status information.Examples:Source identificationCableV

Page 34 - AM720423 Rev. 00

Controls and IndicatorsEnglish - 9MORE buttonsPress the MORE button to display additional button functions along the top of your TV screen for the cur

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