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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - CineMate

CineMate® 520home theater systemOwner's Guide │ Guía del usuario │ Notice d’utilisation

Page 2 - Important Safety Information

10 - EnglishAttaching the rubber feet to the Acoustimass moduleAttach the rubber feet to the Acoustimass module to protect your floor.1. Turn the Aco

Page 3

English - 11Connecting the Acoustimass module to power1. Plug the power cord into the connector on the Acoustimass module.2. Plug the power cord i

Page 4

12 - EnglishConnecting the front speakers1. Insert the front speaker cable’s L plug into the left speaker.2. Insert the front speaker cable’s C plug

Page 5 - Contents

English - 13Connecting the rear speakers1. Insert the rear speaker cable’s LR plug into the left rear speaker.2. Insert the rear speaker cable’s RR

Page 6

14 - EnglishConnecting the console to your TV’s HDMI ARC connectorUse the Bose® HDMI cable to connect the console to your TV. 1. Disconnect your HDM

Page 7 - System Features

English - 15TVs without an HDMI ARC connectorIf your TV does not have an HDMI ARC connector, you may need to make a secondary connection to the consol

Page 8 - Unpacking the system

16 - EnglishConnecting to non-HDMI compatible sourcesIf your source is non-HDMI compatible, connect it to your TV using audio and video cables (availa

Page 9 - Sample system placement

English - 17Installing the remote control’s batteries1. Slide open the battery compartment cover on the back of the remote control.2. Insert the tw

Page 10 - Rubber foot

18 - EnglishFinishing SetupChecking for sound1. Power on your TV.2. If you are using a cable/satellite box or other secondary source, power on this

Page 11 - Setting Up the Acoustimass

English - 19Running the ADAPTiQ® audio calibrationThe ADAPTiQ audio calibration customizes the sound of the system to the acoustics of your listening

Page 12 - Connecting the front speakers

2 - EnglishImportant Safety InformationPlease read this owner’s guide carefully and save it for future reference. The lightning ash with arrowhead s

Page 13 - Wall mounting the speakers

20 - EnglishUsing the SystemRemote control buttonsUse the remote to control sources connected to your system, adjust the system volume, change channel

Page 14 - HDMI ARC connector

English - 21Using the SystemProgramming the universal remote controlYou can use the remote to control your TV, cable/satellite box, DVD or Blu-ray Dis

Page 15 - Setting Up the Console

22 - EnglishTest your HDMI-connected sources for CECTest each of your sources for CEC using the remote control. Note: Your HDMI-connected source may

Page 16 - Audio-only sources

English - 23Program the remote to control your sourceIf your source does not support CEC, you can program the remote to control your source.1. Power

Page 17 - Powering on the system

24 - EnglishSource selectionYou can switch between sources by pressing the appropriate source button on the remote control. Before you begin, program

Page 18 - Checking for sound

English - 25Adjusting the volumeOn the remote control:• Press + to increase the volume.• Press – to decrease the volume.• Press to mute or unmute

Page 19 - Running the ADAPTiQ

26 - EnglishGetting System Information from the DisplayUnderstanding messages on the displayThe display on the front of the console allows you to acce

Page 20 - Remote control buttons

English - 27Getting System Information from the DisplayDisplay System state9 SURROUND LEVELAdjusts the volume of the rear speakers relative to front s

Page 21 - Consumer Electronics Control

28 - EnglishGetting System Information from the DisplayError messagesDisplay System stateERROR Cannot find AcoustimassThe Acoustimass® module is not co

Page 22 - Using the System

English - 29TroubleshootingProblem What to doNo power • Secure the Acoustimass® module’s and console’s power cords.• Reconnect the Acoustimass module

Page 23

English - 3Important Safety InformationImportant Safety Instructions1. Read these instructions.2. Keep these instructions. 3. Heed all warnings.4.

Page 24 - Source selection

30 - EnglishProblem What to doPoor or distorted sound• Remove all protective films from the system.• Secure all cable connections on the speakers, TV,

Page 25 - Function buttons

English - 31Factory reset the systemTo troubleshoot problems, reset the System menu and ADAPTiQ® to the factory settings.1. Press on the remote con

Page 26 - Using the System menu

32 - EnglishCleaning• Clean the surface of the system with a soft, dry cloth.• Do not use any sprays near the system. Do not use any solvents, chemi

Page 27 - Display System state

English - 33Care and Maintenance

Page 28 - Error messages

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Page 29 - Troubleshooting

4 - EnglishNames and Contents of Toxic or Hazardous Substances or ElementsToxic or Hazardous Substances and ElementsPart NameLead (Pb)Mercury (Hg)Cadm

Page 30 - Care and Maintenance

English - 5ContentsIntroductionAbout your CineMate® 520 home theater system ... 7System Features

Page 31 - Factory reset the system

6 - EnglishUsing the SystemRemote control buttons ...

Page 32 - Technical information

English - 7About your CineMate® 520 home theater systemThe CineMate 520 system delivers spacious, true 5.1 surround sound from small, high-performan

Page 33

8 - EnglishUnpacking the systemCarefully unpack the carton and confirm that the following parts are included:Acoustimass® module Console(4) Speakers Ce

Page 34 - AM715113 Rév. 00

English - 9Placement guidelines To avoid wireless interference, keep other wireless equipment away from the system. Place the system outside of and aw

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