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PERSONAL® music center II©2009 Bose Corporation, The Mountain,Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USAAM279725 Rev.01Owner’s GuideGuía de usarioNotice d’utilisat


10EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMPerformance at your commandBy pressing , you turn on your PERSONAL® music center II to th


11English FrançaisEspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMThis returns to the original display screen.• To see more information on the current track


12EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMChanging from uMusic® to Playlist modePress the Playlist button on the PERSONAL® music cen

Page 5

13English FrançaisEspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMSearching the library of stored musicYou may want to locate other tracks in your collectio

Page 6 - Basic controls

14EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMUsing the radioTo listen to the radio, select AM or FM from your list of sources. The LIFE

Page 7

15English FrançaisEspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMUsing radio presets Your LIFESTYLE® system can store up to 20 AM and 20 FM stations as ra

Page 8

16EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEM• Press in on and hold the center bar to see the numeric selection display, where you ca

Page 9

17English FrançaisEspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMPlaying a DVD or VCDWith a DVD or VCD loaded in the disc tray of the LIFESTYLE® system in


18EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LIFESTYLE® SYSTEMNote: DVDs vary in their content presentation. After pressing Play for the first time, you

Page 11

19English FrançaisEspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LOCAL SOURCEHow a nearby sound source differsYour PERSONAL® music center II is engineered for use with any

Page 12 - to Playlist mode

2EnglishFrançais EspañolINTRODUCTIONThank youBy choosing a Bose® PERSONAL® music center II, you have opened the door to a variety of new options for p

Page 13 - Results of the

20EnglishFrançais EspañolLISTENING TO YOUR LOCAL SOURCE• Move up or down to scroll through local selections.• Move right to change inputs (for audio o

Page 14 - FM 103.3

21English FrançaisEspañolBEYOND THE BASICSAdjustable features of the PERSONAL® music center II You can change some factory default settings of the PER

Page 15 - Playing a CD

22EnglishFrançais EspañolBEYOND THE BASICSRoom Code Default: B.Distinguishes each room (up to 15) connected to the system.Choosing A will match the se

Page 16 - Numeric selection

23English FrançaisEspañolBEYOND THE BASICSThe importance of room codesYour PERSONAL® music center II is set at the factory for use in an expansion roo

Page 17 - Playing a DVD or VCD

24EnglishFrançais EspañolBEYOND THE BASICSWhy would you change the house code?Your PERSONAL® music center II is set at the factory with a house code i

Page 18 - Listening to other sources

25English FrançaisEspañolBEYOND THE BASICSTo add more rooms of soundYour LIFESTYLE® system is capable of supplying up to 14 expan-sion rooms to fill y


26EnglishFrançais EspañolBEYOND THE BASICSInsert one end of a Bose® link B cable into the Bose® link jack on the rear panel of the additional system

Page 20 - EnglishFrançais Español

27English FrançaisEspañolBEYOND THE BASICSWhen using a Bose® SA-1 amplifier – Use the cable that came with the amplifier and connect the cable to the


28EnglishFrançais EspañolREFERENCETroubleshootingProblem What to doYour PERSONAL® music center II doesn’t work as expected• It could be time to change

Page 22 - music center II display

29English FrançaisEspañolREFERENCEContacting customer serviceFor additional help in solving problems, contact Bose® Customer Service. See the address

Page 23 - The importance of room codes

3English FrançaisEspañolCONTENTSIntroduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 24

PERSONAL® music center II©2009 Bose Corporation, The Mountain,Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USAAM279725 Rev.01Owner’s GuideGuía de usarioNotice d’utilisat

Page 25 - To add more rooms of sound

4EnglishFrançais EspañolPREPARING FOR USEWhere to beginYour expansion system or speakers must be set up and con-nected to the LIFESTYLE® system before

Page 26

5English FrançaisEspañolPREPARING FOR USEConfirm that current settings are rightYour PERSONAL® music center II is pre-set at the factory for compatib

Page 27

6EnglishFrançais EspañolPREPARING FOR USEBasic controlsUsing just a few selection buttons and the display screen, you can see, choose from, and enjoy


7English FrançaisEspañolPREPARING FOR USEWhat appears on the displayPress to see the list of the available sources (Figure 2). Your list may look di

Page 29 - Technical information

8EnglishFrançais EspañolPREPARING FOR USEWhen you see the radio display, you may:• Change the station selected by using the up and down arrows, which

Page 30

9English FrançaisEspañolPREPARING FOR USEButtons to use while you listenThere are two circular button sets for use while listening to a source. For de

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