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Summary of Contents



Page 2 - Advisories

Microphone boom relocationTo suit your personal preference, the Headset boom can be moved from one earcup to the other. This requires the use of a sma

Page 3 - Aviation Headset

6.Route the boom cable to the earcup on which the boom is to be installed. If the boom is to be installed on the right earcup. do not route the cable

Page 4 - Figure 1

In Case of DifficultyExperience in using the Headset vAW help estaUish your sense of how it should sound.If you notice a probfem. the foliowing outlin

Page 5 - Fail-resistant operation

ProblemPopping sound aodibSe with Headset turned on in a loud environment.What to do• Adjust the earcup fit toeliminaie the sound.• Inspect the seal

Page 6 - Care and Maintenance

carton, contact the Bose organization in your country for a new carton available atantxninalcharge:C. Label and ship, freight prepaid, to the a

Page 7 - Clear Comfort cushion

Active Noise ReductionActive Noise Reduction Bandwidth:30-700 HzNoise Floor35d8ASPLMaximum Ambient Noise LevelApproximately 118 d8 SPL at full cancell

Page 8 - Headset Orientation

C Bc60 The Mouitairi. Frdpvtghan^. NU 0170 vd 168 USA {U»)9T9-7^ TAX<508)87^^1 PNM6068 Rev.1Better sound ^uvugh research*

Page 9 - Figure 9

OperationalAdvisoriesAs with any complex electronic device, it is possible for this headset toexperierx« a failure during operation. Such a falure may

Page 10 - Figure 11

Congratulations on your purchase of the Bose' Aviation Headset.DescriptionThe Bose AviaUon Headset uses an adviced combination of electfoacousti

Page 11 - Figure 13

To change the height of the earcupsThis adjustment is most easily made with the Headset off your head.1. GrasptheheadbarKJpadinoneh^dand the pivot bl

Page 12 - In Case of Difficulty

To ptóce the mic for best communication clarity and noise rejection, locate the microphone housing so that it is just brushing your lips. The microph

Page 13 - Bose' Product

Care and Maintenancestowing the HeadsetBose’ recommends that you do not leave the Headset in your cockpit or in direct sunlight between flights, fcx s

Page 14 - Technical Information

Cleaning instructionsClean the Headset exterior and cushions by v/iping them v/iih a rricxst cloth. Mild soap may be used if necessary. Do not immerse

Page 15 - A/titude:

To install a new linerLift the old foam liner out of the earcup.Place the nesv foam liner in the earcup cavity. NOTE: The left and right foam liners a

Page 16 - Better sound ^uvugh research*

PivotBlockFigure 7Unwind the cable and remove it from the groove.3. If you are changing it from right side to left, route the cable in a small loop t

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