Bose ControlSpace AMS-8 User's Guide

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - User Guide

BOSE® ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Audio Management SystemUser Guide

Page 2

10EnglishPC requirementsMinimum requirements for ControlSpace AMS-8 Privileged User Software:- Hardware:Minimum 1Ghz Pentium based PC256MB free RAMCD

Page 3 - Table of contents

English11ROOM COMBININGOn the Room Combining tab one can (de-)active one or more room combining presets. Every preset includes one master and one or m

Page 4 - 1. Introduction

12English4. Software controlPAGING/MESSAGING On the Paging/Messaging tab one can perform a page or activate a message in the same way as if the Contro

Page 5 - AMS-8 system rack control

English13SETTINGSOn the Settings tab the Output, Microphone and Chime level can be adjusted. These audio levels can only be changed by authorized peop

Page 6

14EnglishEuropean sales officesHow to reach the sales offices in EuropeAustria Professional Systems Division, Austria Bose Ges.m.b.H., Business Park V

Page 7

The manufacturer reserves specification privileges. Information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.Der Hersteller

Page 8 - 3. System control

Table of contents1. Introduction Features and fuctions2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 system rack control Main menu Room settings menu Event scheduler m

Page 9 - AMS-8 Paging Panel (CSPP)

4English1. IntroductionThe BOSE® ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Audio Management System is a flexible, expandable and high quality audio signal processor for aud

Page 10 - 4. Software control

English52. System rack controlControlSpace™ AMS-8 system rack control1. LCD SCREENThe LCD screen shows the menu items with the settings per menu item.

Page 11

6English2. System rack controlEVENT SCHEDULER MENU In the event scheduler menu a pre-configured event can be selected. Events are pre-configured by t

Page 12

English73.1 ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Wall Controller (CSWC)3. System control 1. LCD SCREEN - Screen to control Wall Controller. The LCD screen shows

Page 13 - Troubleshooting

8EnglishThe ControlSpace AMS-8 Local Input Module allows to use the central sound system for sound sources that can be plugged in locally, e.g. a CD p

Page 14 - European sales offices

English9 1. ROOM SELECTION KEYS – By pressing a room key one select a specific zone for paging. The indicator (led) next to the key lights up

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