Bose Lifestyle Surround Sound Speaker System Operations Instructions

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - DVD Home Theatre

©2008 Sony Corporation3-283-031-11(1)DVD Home Theatre SystemOperating InstructionsDAV-HDX275 / HDX276 / HDX475

Page 2 - Important Safety Instructions

10GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX276Getting StartedUnpacking• Front speakers (2)• Center speaker (1)• Surround speakers (2)• Subwoofer (1)• AM loo

Page 3 - (Saudi Arabian model only)

100GBSelf-diagnosis Function (When letters/numbers appear in the display)When the self-diagnosis function is activated to prevent the system from malf

Page 4 - About the S-AIR function

Additional Information101GBSpecificationsAUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONSfor the US modelPOWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION:With 3 ohms loads, both

Page 5 - Table of Contents

102GBFront (DAV-HDX475) (SS-TS82)Speaker system Full range Bass reflex, Magnetically ShieldedSpeaker unit 65 mm (2 5/8 in) cone typeRated impedance 3

Page 6 - Playable Discs

Additional Information103GBGlossaryDigital Cinema Auto CalibrationDigital Cinema Auto Calibration was developed by Sony to automatically measure and a

Page 7

104GBvaries from disc to disc; when it is activated, playback is completely prohibited, violent scenes are skipped or replaced with other scenes and s

Page 8 - Copyrights

Additional Information105GBLanguage Code ListThe language spellings conform to the ISO 639: 1988 (E/F) standard.Code Language Code Language Code Langu

Page 9

106GBIndex to Parts and ControlFor more information, refer to the pages indicated in parentheses.A "/1 (on/standby) (35, 90)B A (open/close) (43)

Page 10 - Unpacking

Additional Information107GBDAV-HDX276DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475A SPEAKER jacks (24)B EZW-T100 slot (DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475 only) (30)C FM COAXIAL 75Ω jack (

Page 11 - DAV-HDX475

108GBAbout the indications in the front panel displayA Playing statusB Flashes when the sleep timer is set. (86)C Displays system’s status such as cha

Page 12

Additional Information109GBRemote controlALPHABETICAL ORDER BUTTON DESCRIPTIONSA – O P – ZANGLE 3 (45)AUDIO qh (45)CLEAR es (49, 61, 71)D.TUNING ws (7

Page 13

11GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX475• Front speakers (2)• Center speaker (1)• Surround speakers (2)• Subwoofer (1)• AM loop antenna (aerial) (1)• FM wire ant

Page 14

110GBGuide to the Control Menu DisplayYou can use the Control Menu display to select a function and to view related information. Press DISPLAY repeat

Page 15

Additional Information111GBExample: Control Menu display 1 when playing a DVD VIDEO.To turn off the displayPress DISPLAY.List of Control Menu itemsIt

Page 16

112GB1)Except for United Kingdom and North American models.2)These items are not displayed when playing a DATA CD/DATA DVD with DivX video file (excep

Page 17 - Fully-assembled illustration

113GBIndexNumerics4:3 OUTPUT 635.1 Channel Surround 46AA/V SYNC 59ANGLE 45ATT E N UATE 3 9AUDIO 62AUDIO (HDMI) 65AUDIO DRC 66AUDIO SETUP 65AUTO CALIB

Page 20

(1)Sony Corporation Printed in China

Page 21

12GBGetting StartedInserting batteries into the remoteInsert two R6 (size AA) batteries (supplied) by matching the 3 and # ends on the batteries to th

Page 22 - Step 3: Connecting the System

13GBGetting StartedStep 1: Assembling the Speakers(DAV-HDX475 only)Before connecting the speakers, attach the speaker stand to the speaker.(For the fr

Page 23

14GBGetting Started2 Attach the post cover to the other end of the post.Orient the slot toward you, attach the post cover so that the slot of the post

Page 24 - 1 Connecting the Speakers

15GBGetting Started4 Connect the speaker cords to the speaker.Be sure to match the speaker cords to the appropriate terminals on the speakers: the spe

Page 25 - DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475

16GBGetting Started6 Adjust the height of the speaker.Loosen (but do not remove) the screws, adjust the height of the speaker, then secure the screws.

Page 26 - 2 Connecting the TV

17GBGetting StartedFully-assembled illustrationWhiteRedFront speaker (L): White labelFront speaker (R): Red label

Page 27

18GBGetting StartedStep 2: Positioning the SystemFor the best possible surround sound, all the speakers other than the subwoofer should be placed at t

Page 28 - Middle Eastern models only)

19GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX475Note• Do not set the speakers in an inclined position.• Do not place the speakers in locations that are:– Extremely hot o

Page 29 - 0.7A MAX

2GBTo reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.Caution – The use of optical instruments with this p

Page 30

20GBGetting Started1 Prepare screws (not supplied) that are suitable for the hole on the back of each speaker. See the illustrations below.2 Fasten th

Page 31 - Wireless system option

21GBGetting Started3 Hang the speakers on the screws.Note• Use screws that are suitable for the wall material and strength. As a plaster board wall is

Page 32 - DAV-HDX276

22GBGetting StartedStep 3: Connecting the SystemSee the connection diagram below, and read the additional information from 1 to 5 on the following pag

Page 33

23GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX4754 AM loop antenna (aerial)1 Subwoofer5 AC power cord (mains lead)4 FM wire antenna (aerial)2 TV1 Front speaker (L)1 Cente

Page 34 - About the demonstration

24GBGetting StartedThe connector and color tube of the speaker cords are the same color as the label of the jacks to be connected. Be sure to match th

Page 35


Page 36 - AUDIO IN / A.CAL MIC

26GBGetting StartedUse the parts as follows:•Video cord (1)To listen to TV sound from the six speakers of the system, connect the TV and the system wi

Page 37 - Setting the type of video

27GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475* If your TV accepts progressive format signals, use this connection and set the output signal of the system t

Page 38 - Step 5: Enjoying Sound

28GBGetting StartedTo change the color system (PAL or NTSC) (Asian, Australian, and Middle Eastern models only)Depending on the TV to be connected, yo

Page 39

29GBGetting StartedYou can enjoy the connected component using the six speakers of the system.• Portable audio source: A• DIGITAL MEDIA PORT adapter:

Page 40 - 1 Press SYSTEM MENU

3GB8) Do not install near any heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other apparatus (including amplifiers) that produce heat.9) D

Page 41 - 5 Press SYSTEM MENU

30GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475* CAUTIONPlease do not remove the screws before installing the EZW-T100 (page 77).To connect the DIGITAL MEDIA

Page 42 - Broadcast Sound

31GBGetting StartedWireless system option(DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475 only)By using an S-AIR product (not supplied), you can enjoy wireless performance by t

Page 43 - Playing a Disc


Page 44 - Other operations

33GBGetting StartedDAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475Note• Keep the AM loop antenna (aerial) and cord away from the system or other AV components, as noise may res

Page 45

34GBGetting StartedBefore connecting the AC power cord (mains lead) of the unit to a wall outlet (mains), connect all the speakers to the unit.DAV-HDX

Page 46 - Checking the audio signal

35GBGetting StartedStep 4: Performing the Quick SetupFollow the Steps below to make the basic adjustments for using the system.Note• When you connect

Page 47 - Playing a VIDEO CD with PBC

36GBGetting Started10 Press .11 Connect the calibration mic to the A.CAL MIC jack on the front panel.Set up the calibration mic at the ear level using

Page 48 - Resuming playback from the

37GBGetting Started4 Press X/x to select [QUICK], then press .The Quick Setup display appears.Depending on the connection of the TV (page 26), select

Page 49 - 4 Press c

38GBGetting Started[OFF]: The system does not output progressive signals. Select this setting when:– your TV does not accept progressive signals, or,–

Page 50 - Playing in random order

39GBGetting StartedNote• When you use both the TV/VIDEO (AUDIO IN) jacks (analog connection) and TV/VIDEO (COAXIAL or OPTICAL DIGITAL IN) jack (digita

Page 51

4GBAbout This Operating Instructions• The instructions in this Operating Instructions describe the controls on the remote. You can also use the contro

Page 52 - Searching/Selecting a

40GBEnjoying Surround Sound by Using Decoding ModeYou can enjoy surround sound simply by selecting one of the system’s pre-programmed decoding modes.

Page 53

Sound Adjustment41GB4 Press .The setting is made.5 Press SYSTEM MENU.The system menu turns off.To turn the surround effect offSelect “A.F.D. STD” or “

Page 54 - Image Files

42GBSelecting the Sound ModeYou can select a suitable sound mode for movies or music.Press SOUND MODE repeatedly during playback until the desired mod

Page 55 - 1 Load a DATA CD or DATA DVD

Disc43GBPlaying a DiscDepending on the DVD VIDEO or VIDEO CD, some operations may be different or restricted.Refer to the operating instructions suppl

Page 56 - [MODE

44GBsystem. For details, see “Using the Control for HDMI Function for “BRAVIA” Sync” (page 73).Tip• The DISC 1-5 indicators change their color as foll

Page 57 - Enjoying DivX

Disc45GB7)DVD VIDEO/DVD-RW/DVD-R only. The button can be used except for DivX video files (except for United Kingdom and North American models).8)DVD

Page 58 - Selecting a DivX video file

46GBPress AUDIO repeatedly during playback to select the desired audio signal.x DVD VIDEODepending on the DVD VIDEO, the choice of language varies.Whe

Page 59 - Restricting Playback of

Disc47GBx DATA CD (DivX video file)/DATA DVD (DivX video file) (Except for United Kingdom and North American models)Example:MP3 audioYou can play the

Page 60 - Changing the password

48GBPBC playback allows you to play a VIDEO CD interactively by following the menu on the TV screen.1 Start playing a VIDEO CD with PBC functions.The

Page 61 - Setup items

Disc49GBNote• This system can store at least 10 resume playback points.• If [MULTI-DISC RESUME] in [SYSTEM SETUP] is set to [OFF] (page 67), the resum

Page 62 - Settings for the display

5GBTable of ContentsAbout This Operating Instructions...4About the S-AIR function...4Playable Discs...

Page 63 - 3 Press C/c to select [YES]

50GBPress X/x to select [02] under [T], then press .6 To program other tracks, repeat Steps 4 to 5.The programmed tracks are displayed in the selected

Page 64 - Settings for the HDMI

Disc51GB4 Press .Shuffle Play starts.To return to normal playPress CLEAR, or select [OFF] in Step 3.To turn off the Control Menu displayPress DISPLA

Page 65 - Settings for the audio

52GBSearching/Selecting a DiscA DVD is divided into a lot of sections, which make up a picture or music feature. These sections are called “titles.” W

Page 66 - Other Settings

Disc53GBThe number in parentheses indicates the total number of titles, chapters, tracks, indexes, scenes, folders, or files.3 Press .[** (**)] change

Page 67 - Settings for the speakers

54GBPlaying MP3 Files/JPEG Image Files You can play the MP3 files or JPEG image files:• which have the extension “.MP3” (MP3 file) or “.JPG”/“.JPEG” (

Page 68

Disc55GB2 Press X/x to select a folder.x To play JPEG image files in a folderPress H to start playing the selected folder.x To select a JPEG image fil

Page 69 - 4 Repeat Steps 1 to 3

56GB2 Press DISPLAY while the system is in stop mode.The Control Menu display appears on the TV screen.3 Press X/x to select [MODE (MUSIC, IMAGE)]

Page 70 - SONY RADIO

Disc57GBEnjoying DivX® Videos (Except for United Kingdom and North American models)DivX® is a video file compression technology, developed by DivX, In

Page 71 - Listening to the Radio

58GBTo select DivX video files, see “Selecting a DivX video file” (page 58).To go to the next or previous pagePress / .To turn off the displayPress DV

Page 72 - 8 Press SYSTEM MENU

Disc59GBAdjusting the Delay Between the Picture and Sound[A/V SYNC] * ** Except for United Kingdom and North American modelsWhen the sound does not

Page 73 - “BRAVIA” Sync

6GBPlayable Discs1)MP3 (MPEG1 Audio Layer 3) is a standard format defined by ISO/MPEG which compresses audio data. MP3 files must be in MPEG1 Audio La

Page 74 - Watching DVD by a single

60GBEnter a 4-digit password using the number buttons, then press .The display for confirming the password appears.x When you have already registered

Page 75

Disc61GB5 Press X/x to select [SYSTEM SETUP], then press .The options for [SYSTEM SETUP] appear.6 Press X/x to select [PARENTAL CONTROL t], then pres

Page 76 - Using the DIGITAL MEDIA

62GBThe options for the selected item appear.Example: [TV TYPE]7 Press X/x to select a setting, then press .The setting is selected and setup is compl

Page 77 - Using an S-AIR Product

Disc63GBx [TV TYPE]You can select the aspect ratio of the connected TV.[16:9]: Select this when you connect a wide-screen TV or a TV with a wide mode

Page 78 - (ID setting)

64GBNote• You cannot change the color system of the disc itself.• You can change the color system of this system according to the connected TV (page 2

Page 79 - 10 Press

Disc65GBx [VOLUME LIMIT]If you change the output method of the TV to the system speaker on the TV menu or by pressing THEATER/THEATRE*, the System Aud

Page 80 - When you perform pairing

66GBx [S-AIR SETUP](DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475 only)You can set up the S-AIR setting. For details, see “Using an S-AIR Product” (page 77).[ID]You can set t

Page 81

Disc67GBx [PARENTAL CONTROL]You can set the playback restrictions. For details, see “Restricting Playback of the Disc” (page 59).x [DivX](Except for U

Page 82 - If sound transmission is

68GB[L/R] 3.0 m/10 ft3): Set the front speaker distance.[CENTER] 3.0 m/10 ft3)4): Set the center speaker distance (up to 1.6 meters (5 ft) closer to t

Page 83 - STANDARD

Disc69GB[ON]: The test tone is emitted from each speaker in sequence while adjusting level. When you select one of the [SPEAKER SETUP] items, the test

Page 84 - Automatically

7GB2)JPEG image files must conform to the DCF image file format. (DCF “Design rule for Camera File system”: Image standards for digital cameras regula

Page 85 - Controlling the TV with

70GBPresetting Radio StationsYou can preset 20 FM stations, and 10 AM stations. Before tuning, make sure to turn down the volume to minimum.Tip• You c

Page 86 - Using the Sleep Timer

Tuner71GBListening to the RadioPreset radio stations in the system’s memory first (see “Presetting Radio Stations” (page 70)).1 Press FUNCTION +/– rep

Page 87 - About the Disc

72GBYou can input letters, numbers, and other symbols for a radio station.If you make a mistakePress C/c repeatedly until the character to be changed

Page 88 - Viewing the playing time and

Control for HDMI/External Audio Device73GBUsing the Control for HDMI Function for “BRAVIA” SyncThis function is available on TVs with the “BRAVIA” Syn

Page 89 - 9/18/2002

74GBTo set the [CONTROL FOR HDMI] function to on/off1 Press FUNCTION +/– repeatedly until “DVD” appears in the front panel display.2 Press DISPLAY w

Page 90 - Settings

Control for HDMI/External Audio Device75GB(System Power Off)When you turn the TV off by using the POWER button on the TV’s remote or TV [/1 on the sys

Page 91

76GBUsing the DIGITAL MEDIA PORT AdapterThe DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMPORT) adapter is for enjoying sound from a portable audio source or computer. By con

Page 92 - Notes about the Discs

Control for HDMI/External Audio Device77GBUsing an S-AIR Product(DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475 only)The unit is compatible with the S-AIR function (page 104),

Page 93 - Troubleshooting

78GBNote• Insert the wireless transmitter with the S-AIR logo facing up.• Insert the wireless transmitter so that the V marks are aligned.• Do not ins

Page 94 - Symptom Remedy

Control for HDMI/External Audio Device79GB10 Press .Set the S-AIR sub unit to the same ID.Sound transmission is established as follows (example):Tip•

Page 95

8GBNote on DualDiscsA DualDisc is a two sided disc product which mates DVD recorded material on one side with digital audio material on the other side

Page 96 - Operation

80GBTo enjoy the same function as the unit, select “MAIN UNIT.”When “TUNER FM” or “TUNER AM” is selected on the unit, you can only select the same ban

Page 97

Control for HDMI/External Audio Device81GBAfter pairing, sound transmission is established between the paired unit and S-AIR sub unit(s) only.1 Place

Page 98 - 4 feet) away

82GB12 Press C/c to select the next operation.x To finish pairingSelect [NO], then press .x To perform pairing of another S-AIR sub unitSelect [YES],

Page 99

Other Operations83GBGetting Optimal Surround Sound for a Room[SPEAKER FORMATION]Depending on the shape of the room, you cannot install some speakers.

Page 100 - Self-diagnosis Function

84GBCalibrating the Appropriate Settings Automatically[AUTO CALIBRATION]D. C. A. C. (Digital Cinema Auto Calibration) can set the appropriate surround

Page 101 - Specifications

Other Operations85GB• If an error message appears, follow the message, then select [YES].An error message appears when:– the headphones are connected

Page 102 - Subwoofer (SS-WS82)

86GBUsing the Sound EffectYou can reinforce bass frequencies.Press DYNAMIC BASS.“D. BASS ON” appears in the front panel display and bass frequencies a

Page 103 - Glossary

Other Operations87GBChanging the Brightness of the Front Panel DisplayThe brightness of the front panel display can be set to either of 2 levels.1 Pre

Page 104

88GBx DATA CD (DivX video file)/DATA DVD (DivX video file) (Except for United Kingdom and North American models)1 Playing time of the current file2 Cu

Page 105 - Language Code List

Other Operations89GBTo check DATA CD/DATA DVD (MP3 file/DivX video file3)) textBy pressing DISPLAY while playing MP3 files or DivX video files3) on a

Page 106 - Index to Parts and Control

9GBThis system incorporates High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMITM) technology.HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are

Page 107 - Rear panel

90GBReturning to the Default Settings1 Press "/1 to turn on the system.2 Press x, A, and "/1 on the unit at the same time.“COLD RESET” appea

Page 108 - Front panel display

Additional Information91GBPrecautionsOn power sources• Unplug the unit from the wall outlet (mains) if you do not intend to use it for an extended per

Page 109 - Remote control

92GBNotes about the DiscsOn handling discs• To keep the disc clean, handle the disc by its edge. Do not touch the surface.• Do not stick paper or tape

Page 110 - Control Menu display

Additional Information93GBTroubleshootingIf you experience any of the following difficulties while using the system, use this troubleshooting guide to

Page 111 - List of Control Menu items

94GBPictureSymptom RemedyThere is no picture. • The video connecting cords are not connected securely.• The video connecting cords are damaged.• The u

Page 112

Additional Information95GBSoundSymptom RemedyThere is no sound. • The speaker cord is not connected securely.• Press MUTING on the remote if “MUTING O

Page 113 - BCR/RGB (HDMI) 65

96GBOperationNo sound or only a very low-level sound is heard from the surround speakers.• Check the speaker connections and settings (pages 24, 67).•

Page 114

Additional Information97GBThe JPEG image file cannot be played.• The DATA CD is not recorded in a JPEG format that conforms to ISO 9660 Level 1/Level

Page 115

98GBThe S-AIR function(DAV-HDX275/DAV-HDX475 only)A disc cannot be ejected and “LOCKED” appears in the front panel display.• Contact your Sony dealer

Page 116 - Sony Corporation

Additional Information99GBNo sound is heard from the S-AIR product.• If you use another S-AIR main unit, place it more than 8 m (26 1/4 feet) away fro

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