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Summary of Contents

Page 1

LIFESTYLE ® 18 DVD Home Entertainment System Operating Guide Guía de uso Notice d’utilisation

Page 2 - Safety Information

10Controls and IndicatorsEnglishMedia center controls and indicatorsThe media center has a control panel and CD tray located under its front panel doo

Page 3

11Controls and IndicatorsEnglishMedia center display windowThe media center display window shows you information about your system (Figure 2).Figure 2

Page 4 - Contents

12EnglishGeneral System OperationTurning your system on and offYou can turn your system on and off using the On/Off button on the remote control or th

Page 5

13General System OperationEnglishTesting the TV on/off detectorThe TV on/off detector causes your media center to turn your TV on and off automaticall

Page 6 - Introduction

14EnglishPlaying a Video DVDBefore you play your first DVDThis section tells you how to use the DVD player in your system to play video DVDs. Before yo

Page 7 - The remote control

15Playing a Video DVDEnglishBasic DVD operations – cont.Using parental controlsPlayback restrictions can be placed on your DVD player by choosing a le

Page 8

16EnglishPlaying an Audio CDLoading and playing a CDYour system can play regular audio CDs and MP3 CDs. While playing a CD, the media center display w

Page 9

17EnglishListening to AM/FM RadioTurning the radio onPress on the remote to select the radio tuner. If the system is off, this will also turn it on.

Page 10 - Controls and Indicators

18Listening to AM/FM RadioEnglishErasing a station preset1. Lift up the media center door.2. Using the remote, select the preset you want to erase.3.

Page 11 - Media center display window

19EnglishPlaying External SourcesControlling external sourcesFollow the instructions in your LIFESTYLE® Installation Guide for connecting an external

Page 12 - Using the headphones jack

2 Safety Information English W ARNING: T o reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose the system to rain or moisture. These CAUTION mar

Page 13 - Settings (TV)

20Playing External SourcesEnglish7. Select VCR Device Code. The first 4-digit device code is shown.8. Press VCR Power on the LIFESTYLE® remote contro

Page 14 - Loading and playing a DVD

21Playing External SourcesEnglishChanging channels using a VCR or cable/satellite boxYou may want to change TV channels using a VCR or a cable/satelli

Page 15 - Using parental controls

22EnglishChanging System SettingsUsing the settings menusTo display the settings menu on your TV screen:Press the Settings button. The displayed menu

Page 16 - Basic CD operations

23Changing System SettingsEnglishTo enter a submenu:When you see the Enter button symbol to the right of the selected item, that item has a sub-menu o

Page 17 - Setting a station preset

24Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging DVD settingsWhile playing a DVD movie, there are several play options that can be changed. Figure 6 shows yo

Page 18 - Selecting a preset station

25Changing System SettingsEnglishMotion Control: <<Scan/<<4x/ <<2x/Pause/ Play 1x/2x>>/ 4x>>/Scan>>Chooses directi

Page 19

26Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging VCD settingsTo change the VCD settings, press the Settings button while a VCD disc is loaded in the disc tra

Page 20 - Programming your LIFESTYLE

27Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging CD settingsTo change the CD settings, press the Settings button while the CD source is selected. Figure 8 s

Page 21 - Recording to a tape deck

28Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging FM settingsTo change the FM settings, press the Settings button while the FM source is selected. Figure 9 sh

Page 22 - Settings (DVD)

29Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging AM settingsTo change the AM settings, press the Settings button while the AM source is selected. Figure 10

Page 23 - DVD Play Options (1 of 2)

3 English Français Español Contents Where to fi nd … Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 24 - Changing DVD settings

30Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging TV/VCR/AUX/TAPE settingsTo change the settings for the TV, VCR, AUX, or TAPE source, press the Settings butt

Page 25

31Changing System SettingsEnglishMaking audio adjustmentsYou can make some audio adjustments for each source individually. Figure 12 shows you how to

Page 26 - Changing VCD settings

32Changing System SettingsEnglishMono Decoding: On OffAutomatically engages Bose® Videostage® 5 mono decoding circuitry when a Dolby Digital bit

Page 27 - Changing CD settings

33Changing System SettingsEnglishFigure 13Status example: audio setup settingsSettings: Audio Setup (1 of 2)Movie EQ: OnRange Compression: OnAudio Sta

Page 28 - Changing FM settings

34Changing System SettingsEnglishChanging the system setupPress the Settings button to open the Settings menu on your TV screen. Using the down arrow

Page 29 - Changing AM settings

35Changing System SettingsEnglishSystem setup menuThe system setup menu contains settings that affect the entire system.Menu Item Settings What each s

Page 30

36Changing System SettingsEnglishDVD setup submenuThe DVD setup submenu lists options for how the DVD player should operate, including Parental Contro

Page 31 - Making audio adjustments

37Changing System SettingsEnglishRemote control setup submenuThis menu allows you to program your LIFESTYLE® remote to operate your TV, VCR and cable/

Page 32

38EnglishReferenceChanging the house code settingsEach LIFESTYLE® remote control uses a system of matching house codes to communicate with its corresp

Page 33

39ReferenceEnglishSetting up a second listening zoneYour LIFESTYLE® home entertainment system can direct sound from one or two sound sources (such as

Page 34 - Changing the system setup

4 Contents English Changing the system setup . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 35

40ReferenceEnglishTaking care of your LIFESTYLE® systemCaring for your system may include:• Cleaning the system’s enclosures• Cleaning your compact di

Page 36

41ReferenceEnglishReplacing the remote control batteriesReplace the batteries when the remote control stops operating or its range seems reduced. Alka

Page 37

42ReferenceEnglishNo sound from center speaker•Make sure the center speaker cable is connected at both ends.• Select 3- or 5-speaker mode.Too much sou

Page 38 - Reference

43ReferenceEnglishFM sound is distorted • Adjust antenna position to reduce interference.FM sound is noisy in sur-round mode•Weak FM stations will pro

Page 39

44ReferenceEnglishTechnical informationMedia Center power pack power ratingUSA/Canada: 120V 0.55A 50/60 Hz 33VDC 1.1AInternational: 220-240V 0.30A

Page 40 - Taking care of your LIFESTYLE

45ReferenceEnglishAccessoriesFor information on speaker mounting brackets and stands, additional remote controls, and connecting additional Bose® powe

Page 41 - Troubleshooting

©2003 Bose Corporation, The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA 269711 AM Rev.00 JN31014

Page 42

5 English Introduction W elcome Thank you for pur chasing a LIFESTYLE ® DVD-based home entertainment system. Thr ough proprietary Bose technologies

Page 43

6 Introduction English Composite video – A single video signal that contains luminance, color, and synchronization information. NTSC and PAL are exa

Page 44 - Technical information

7EnglishControls and IndicatorsThe remote control The advanced radio-frequency remote control works from anywhere within most homes. Sim-ply press th

Page 45 - Contacting customer service

8Controls and IndicatorsEnglishThe remote control – continuedSystem menu/navigation controlsDisplays or exits the menu of the DVD disc that is current

Page 46 - 269711 AM Rev.00 JN31014

9Controls and IndicatorsEnglishThe remote control – continuedPlayback controlsNote: All playback controls, except Shuffle and Repeat, can also be used

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