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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Software Guide

BOSE® ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Audio Management SystemSoftware Guide

Page 2

Maximum OperationMinimum OperationDynamic EQ-60dB 0dBOutput Level10English change the Maximum volume level (between -82dB & +18dB) of the select

Page 3 - Table of contents

Info FieldEnglish11With this module one can configure/change the Room Combining Presets and program the Paging Panel Buttons and GPIO Contacts.1.4 Roo

Page 4 - AMS-8 Software

12English (upper) to select a 1 of the 40 Presets or 1 of the 80 Paging Buttons/Zones or 1 of the 40 GPIO Contacts, shown in the info field. The fu

Page 5

English131. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 LIVE Installer SoftwareWith this module one can change the 40 message names, used in the Privileged User Software, wh

Page 6 - 1.1 Mainpanel

Info Field14EnglishWith this module one can configure up to 40 scheduled events. The following Event types are available to configure:• Standby Event

Page 7 - 1.2.1 Input Module

English151. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 LIVE Installer Software1.6.1 Standby eventA Standby event can be used to turn the system rack On or Off at a certain t

Page 8 - 1.2.3 Input Gain

16English1.6.3 Message eventA Message event (only in combination with the ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Message Card) can be used to route a digital message to

Page 9 - 1.3.1 Output Module

English171.6.4 Switch eventThe Switch event can be used to (temporary) switch to another connected source, routed to a single room or group of rooms,

Page 10 - 1.3.2 Graphic EQ

Info Field18English1. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 LIVE Installer Software1.7 FM Tuner moduleIf the Twin Tuner Card is installed, below module can be used to c

Page 11

English191. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 LIVE Installer Software1.8 Firmware upgrade change between European, American, Japanese or Australian FM-band setti

Page 12 - 1.4.2. Paging level offsets

The manufacturer reserves specification privileges. Information in this manual is subject to change without prior notice or obligation.

Page 14 - 1.6 Event Scheduler module

12English212. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 1. LCD SCREENThe LCD screen shows the menu items with the settings per menu item. The language o

Page 15 - 1.6.2 Preset event

22English2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.1.2 Event scheduler menu In the event scheduler menu a pre-configured event can be selected. T

Page 16 - 1.6.3 Message event

English232. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.1.6 FM input cards In this menu one can select another Tuner preset (only if Tuner Card is inst

Page 17 - 1.6.4 Switch event

24English2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.2.1 Source installation2.2 Installation menuSelect the item one would like to configure.. Selec

Page 18 - 1.7 FM Tuner module

English252. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.2.2 Room installation Select the room one would like to configure. Change the audio settings

Page 19 - 1.8 Firmware upgrade

26English2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.2.4 Room combining In the ROOM COMBINING menu one can configure up to 40 Room Combining prese

Page 20

English272. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control Use this menu to configure an event to schedule a Room Combining preset Use this menu to co

Page 21

28English2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control For those event types wherein one can select a room or a day, the following sub menus are shown:

Page 22

English292. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.2.7 Paging panel Select a Paging Panel button one would like to configure. Add rooms to th

Page 23 - 2.1.7 Installation menu

Table of contents44456778899101111121314151516171819212122222222232324242525262628292929303132EnglishBOSE® ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Software PC requiremen

Page 24 - 2.2 Installation menu

30English2. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 System rack control 2.2.10 Factory settings Use this menu to restore parts of, or the total system to standard Factor

Page 25 - 2.2.3 FM input cards

English313. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Privileged User Software3. ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Privileged User SoftwareRefer to the user manual (included on the User

Page 26 - 2.2.5 Event scheduler

32EnglishEuropean sales officesHow to reach the sales offices in EuropeAustria Professional Systems Division, Austria Bose Ges.m.b.H., Business Park V

Page 27

4EnglishPC requirements Minimum requirements to install ControlSpace™ AMS-8 Software:- Hardware: Minimum 1 GHz Pentium based PC 256MB free RAM CD RO

Page 28 - 2.2.6 GPIO Router

English5Starting up:Once the Live Installer Software started, the following window will be displayed:Click on the ‘Yes‘ button to make an online conne

Page 29

6EnglishPress the following buttons to: scroll up through the different menu items scroll down through the different menu items Up/Down arrows:

Page 30 - 2.2.10 Factory settings

Info FieldEnglish7With this module one can change the source names (12 characters max.), the input type (to Audio, Paging, Message or Aux/Mic), adjust

Page 31 - 3. ControlSpace

8EnglishPress the ❑ button to change the name of the connected source. The following window will appear:Enter a (new) source name and press the OK but

Page 32 - European sales offices

Info FieldEnglish9Press or use the following buttons or faders to: change or enter the name of the selected output/room switch from a mono to a

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