Bose Wave Music System IC-1 Operations Instructions

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Clock Radio

4-154-584-15(2)FM/AM Clock RadioOperating InstructionsICF-CL75iP/ICF-CL70©2009 Sony CorporationUS

Page 2 - Owner’s Record

10USSideY TIME SET A lever (16)Z TIME SET B lever (16)wj Docking tray for iPod & iPhone (22) (ICF-CL75iP only)A Alarm A/Alarm B indicator (16)B Da

Page 3 - Important Safety Instructions

11USGetting startedChecking the supplied itemsMake sure that the following items are supplied:• FM/AM Clock Radio (1)• AM loop antenna (1)• Operating

Page 4 - Instructions

12USGetting startedNote• The unit’s ATS (Automatic Time Set) function automatically keeps the correct time and never requires resetting. In some count

Page 5 - Table of Contents

13USGetting startedx Auto DST (Auto Summer Time)This unit automatically adjusts for daylight savings time (summer time) by the default setting. [ ] is

Page 6 - Features

14USBasic operationsThis section describes basic operations of the unit. Using the Home menuYou can perform the various functions, such as playing mus

Page 7 - Background photos (20)

Using this unit15USThe clock display has four variations. You can select the clock screen, the clock and photo screen, the photo frame, or the music o

Page 8 - Identifying the parts

16USDeleting a preset1 Select the desired preset number with b/B.2 Press the OPTION button and select [Delete preset].• Confirmation screen appears, t

Page 9

Using this unit17USx Alarm SoundSelect your favorite alarm sound with v/V. This unit is equipped with 7 alarm modes listed below.* Factory default set

Page 10 - Screen indicators

18USYou can wake up by your original voice and a photo as an alarm. If you want to set an alarm to “Fun Wake-up”, refer to “Setting an alarm” on page

Page 11 - Connecting the AM

Using this unit19USYou can easily set the sleep timer by pressing the SLEEP button repeatedly.Each time you press the SLEEP button, the duration (in m

Page 12 - Setting the clock

2USOwner’s RecordThe model number and the serial number are located on the bottom.Record the serial number in the space provided below. Refer to them

Page 13 - 4 Press the ENTER button

20USNote• For details on memory cards you can use with this unit, see “About the memory cards” (26).• Do not disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead)

Page 14 - Basic operations

Using this unit21USNote• Check supported file formats beforehand, refer to “Specifications” on page 31.• You cannot display the cover photo for WMA co

Page 15 - Listening to the radio

22USNote• iPod shuffle is not available on this unit.• Sony cannot accept responsibility in the event that data recorded to iPod is lost or damaged wh

Page 16 - Using the timer function

Using this unit23US3 Attach the adapter for your iPod/iPhone.NoteUniversal dock adapter• If you are using an iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4

Page 17

24USGeneral Settings1 Press the HOME button.2 Select [General Settings] and press the ENTER button.3 Select each of the settings as follows:x Language

Page 18 - 2 Select [Fun Wake-up]

Additional information25USx FormatFormatting deletes all the music, video and photo files to free up space in the internal memory.Note• Initializing t

Page 19 - Enjoying music, video

26USAbout the memory cards“Memory Stick” media are a compact, portable IC recording medium with a large data capacity. The types of “Memory Stick Duo”

Page 20 - (wallpaper)

Additional information27US*3)When using a “Memory Stick Micro” media with the clock radio, always insert it into an M2 adaptor.*4)“M2” is an abbreviat

Page 21 - & iPhone (For ICF-CL75iP

28USThe SD memory card slot of the clock radio allows you to use the following:• SD memory card*1• miniSD card, microSD card (An adaptor is necessary.

Page 22 - 1 Push the PUSH OPEN

Additional information29USPrecautions• Play the unit on the power source specified in “Specifications.”• To disconnect the AC power cord (mains lead),

Page 23 - Setting alarm of iPod

3USImportant Safety Instructions1) Read these instructions.2) Keep these instructions.3) Heed all warnings.4) Follow all instructions.5) Do not use th

Page 24 - General Settings

30USNote on the alarm in the event of a power interruptionIn the event of a power interruption, the alarm will work until the battery is totally disch

Page 25 - Troubleshooting

Additional information31USSpecificationsx Radio sectionFrequency range:For USA and CanadaFM: 87.5 MHz - 108 MHz (0.1 MHz Channel step)AM: 530 kHz - 1,

Page 26 - About the memory cards

This unit includes a preinstalled Sony Lithium battery (CR2032) as back-up power source for the clock, which is preset to EST (Eastern Standard Time)

Page 27 - Notes on use

4US• The example illustrations and images are of the ICF-CL75iP, therefore may appear different from illustrations, images and screen indicators that

Page 28 - SD memory card

5USTable of ContentsFeatures... 6Identifying the parts ... 8Screen indicators ...

Page 29 - Precautions

6USFeaturesThis unit is multifunctional FM/AM clock radio with 7.0 inch LCD screen. As well as playing your favorite music and video, you can also set

Page 30

7USPlayback function (19, 20)• iPod, iPhone, memory card, internal memory, or USB device can be used to play back music and video (functions of iPod &

Page 31 - Specifications

8USIdentifying the partsFor details, see the pages indicated in parentheses.FrontA LCD screenB ALARM A ON/OFF button (16)C SpeakerD ALARM B ON/OFF but

Page 32 - Printed in China

9USTopK SNOOZE/BRIGHTNESS button (14, 17)L Microphone (18)M OFF x ALARM RESET buttonN SLEEP button (19)O ALARM SET button (16)P HOME button (14)Q BACK

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