Bose SoundTouch 20 Series II Technical Information

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Summary of Contents

Page 2 - WARNINGS:

10 - EnglishSetting up the SystemUnpacking the systemCarefully unpack the carton and confirm that the following parts are included. SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi®

Page 3 - Important Safety Instructions

English - 11Setting up the SystemConnecting the system to powerBefore you set up the system on your network, connect the system to power.1. Plug the

Page 4 - Regulatory Guidelines

12 - EnglishSetting up the SystemDownload and install the SoundTouch™ appIf this is your first time setting up a SoundTouch™ system, you must install t

Page 5

English - 13Using the SystemPowering on the systemOn the button pad or the remote control, press Power . The display may show an icon, message, or N

Page 6 - Contents

14 - EnglishUsing the SystemMessages on the displayThe display shows system information and icons, and may include album or artist.Display icon Descri

Page 7

English - 15Using the SystemWi-Fi® IndicatorThe Wi-Fi indicator on the front of the system indicates Wi-Fi status.Indicator activity System stateBli

Page 8 - from Bose

16 - EnglishControlling the System using the AppUsing the SoundTouch™ app The SoundTouch™ app is a software application that enables you to set up and

Page 9 - 30/20 system

English - 17Personalizing your PresetsHow Presets workYou can personalize six Presets to your favorite streaming music services, stations, playlists,

Page 10 - Unpacking the system

18 - EnglishPersonalizing your PresetsSetting a Preset1. Stream music to the system using the app.2. While the music is playing, press and hold a Pr

Page 11 - network

English - 19Listening to other SourcesPlaying music from other sourcesUsing the SoundTouch™ system, you can listen to music stored on a smartphone, ta

Page 12

2 - EnglishPlease take the time to carefully read and follow these Important Safety Instructions. They will help you set up and operate your system

Page 13 - Getting system information

20 - EnglishAdvanced FeaturesUpdating system softwareThe app alerts you when a software update is available. However, you can also update system softw

Page 14

English - 21Advanced FeaturesRe-enabling Wi-Fi® capabilityWhile the system is on, press and hold and – (about 5 seconds).The display shows a cou

Page 15 - System control buttons

22 - EnglishCare and MaintenanceTroubleshootingFor more troubleshooting information, refer to the in-app help.Problem What to doCannot complete net-wo

Page 16 - Using the SoundTouch

English - 23Care and MaintenanceRebooting your systemYou can reboot your system using the AUX button. If your system is unresponsive, you can force th

Page 17 - Playing a Preset

24 - EnglishCare and MaintenanceCleaningTo clean your SoundTouch™ system, wipe the exterior using a soft, dry cloth. You can also lightly vacuum the

Page 18 - Setting a Preset

English - 25Care and Maintenance25 - EnglishCustomer serviceFor additional help using the system, contact Bose® Customer Service. Refer to the quick s

Page 19 - Listening to other Sources

26 - EnglishTechnical InformationSoundTouch™ 30 systemSize:9.7"H x 17.1"W x 7.1"D (24.7 cm x 43.5 cm x 18.1 cm) Weight:18.5 lb (8.39 kg

Page 20 - capability

English - 27Important setup information• You can set up your system using a computer rather than a smartphone or tablet.• Use a computer that is on

Page 21 - Resetting the system

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Page 22 - Troubleshooting

English - 3Important Safety InstructionsThe product contains magnetic material. Please contact your physician if you have any questions on whether th

Page 23

4 - EnglishRegulatory GuidelinesCAN ICES-3 (B)/NMB-3(B) Information about products that generate electrical noiseThis equipment has been tested and fo

Page 24 - Cleaning

English - 5Regulatory GuidelinesNames and Contents of Toxic or Hazardous Substances or Elements Toxic or Hazardous Substances and ElementsPart NameLe

Page 25 - Limited warranty information

6 - EnglishContentsPresenting SoundTouch™ from Bose®Key benefits ...

Page 26 - SoundTouch™ 20 system

English - 7ContentsAdvanced FeaturesUpdating system software ...

Page 27 - Important setup information

8 - EnglishPresenting SoundTouch™ from Bose®With SoundTouch™, you can stream Internet radio, music services, and your music library. If you have Wi-Fi

Page 28 - AM734227 Rev. 00

English - 9IntroductionAbout your SoundTouch™ 30/20 systemYour SoundTouch™ Wi-Fi® music system provides clear, room-filling sound streamed wirelessly

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