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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - RC-38S Remote Control

Bose® LIFESTYLE® RC-38S Remote ControlOwner’s Guide and Bose® LinkExpansion Overview

Page 2 - Introduction

Preparing the Remote10EnglishFrançais EspañolConfirm and returnuMusic™ intelligent playback systemConfirms the channel selection on certain TVs.Return

Page 3 - Where to find

11Audio PossibilitiesEnglish FrançaisEspañolAudio PossibilitiesUsing the remote to control other audioYour RC-38S remote is capable of working with ot

Page 4 - Deciding Where and How

Audio Possibilities12EnglishFrançais EspañolROOM A – home theater systemROOM B – Bose® link amplifier and speakers• Dining area, assigned as Room B• G

Page 5

13Audio PossibilitiesEnglish FrançaisEspañolYou can assign a Bose® link compatible device to rooms B through N. Room O is reserved for non-Bose amplif

Page 6

Code Switch Setting14EnglishFrançais EspañolCode Sw itch Sett ingSome simple rules to keep it all straightWhether you use just one or many RC-38S remo

Page 7

15Code Switch SettingEnglish FrançaisEspañolAdditional legacy product rulesWith a few special settings, and operational limitations, legacy Bose (and

Page 8 - What each button does

Code Switch Setting16EnglishFrançais EspañolMake sure the house code settings matchFor all of your secondary remote controls to work, the house code i

Page 9

17Code Switch SettingEnglish FrançaisEspañolHow to change the settings, as neededUse a fine-pointed pen or other small tool to move each switch to its

Page 10 - Preparing the Remote

Code Switch Setting18EnglishFrançais EspañolKeep the room codes consistent Use one of the codes shown in the chart below for each room where a remote

Page 11 - Audio Possibilities

19ReferenceEnglish FrançaisEspañolRefe renceTechnical informationRemote control range: 65 ft (20 m)Size: 9.1"H x 2.2"W x 0.9"D (23 cm x

Page 12

Introduction2EnglishFrançais EspañolIntroduct ionThank you for choosing the RC-38S remoteAs the owner of a Bose® LIFESTYLE® RC-38S remote control, you

Page 13

Reference20EnglishFrançais EspañolTroubleshooting Problem What to doNo sound • Make sure the house code setting of the RC-38S remote control matches t

Page 14 - Code Switch Setting

21ReferenceEnglish FrançaisEspañolLog for remote switch settings and productsUse the table below to list the Bose® link products you add, and note whi

Page 15

©2004 Bose Corporation, The MountainFramingham, MA 01701-9168 USA278399-001-ENGvo AM Rev.00 CCM-000708

Page 16

3Contents3English FrançaisEspañolWhere to find ...Introduction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Page 17

Deciding Where and How4EnglishFrançais EspañolDeciding Where and HowSetting up your expansion productsIf you have purchased other Bose® link compatibl

Page 18 - Now for the rewards

5Deciding Where and HowEnglish FrançaisEspañolWith a 3•2•1 or 3•2•1 GS Series II system The 3•2•1 Series II and 3•2•1 GS Series II DVD home entertainm

Page 19 - Technical information

Deciding Where and How6EnglishFrançais EspañolWith older Bose® products for expansionSome other Bose® products, which you may already own, can also co

Page 20 - Troubleshooting

7Preparing the RemoteEnglish FrançaisEspañolPrep aring the Rem oteGetting the remote ready to useYou can use your RC-38S remote control as soon as the

Page 21

Preparing the Remote8EnglishFrançais EspañolWhat each button doesStyled after the primary remote, which is packed with the media center, the RC-38S re

Page 22 - Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA

9Preparing the RemoteEnglish FrançaisEspañolSelect an audio programSelect a play modeSeek backward or forward to the next strong radio station.Skip ba

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