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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - VideoWave

VideoWave® IIIentertainment systemOperating GuideGuía del usuarioGuide d’utilisation

Page 2 - Safety Information

10 - EnglishIntroductionSystem updatesThe Unify® intelligent integration system represents the best way we know how to overcome the challenge of tryin

Page 3 - Contents

English - 11Turning the system on/offTo turn the system on, press the Power button on the remote control. When the system starts up, it also automati

Page 4

12 - EnglishSelecting a sourceFrom the SOURCE menu on your monitor screen, you can select any of your connected system sources, such as a cable/satel-

Page 5 - Product Overview

English - 13Controlling the volumePress Volume Up + or Down – to raise or lower the volume.Press Mute to suspend the system audio. Press Mute again t

Page 6 - System overview

14 - EnglishControlling Your SourcesControl frame overviewThe control frame consists of functions or controls used by the source you have selected. Th

Page 7 - Introduction

English - 15Controlling Your SourcesSelecting source controls1. Place your thumb anywhere on the click pad to activate the control frame, which provi

Page 8

16 - EnglishControlling Your SourcesEntering channel numbersThe numbers along the top of the control frame appear for any source that uses a keypad on

Page 9

English - 17Controlling Your SourcesInteracting with source guides and menusMany cable boxes, satellite receivers, audio devices, and other sources h

Page 10 - Registering your product

18 - EnglishChanging the image viewSelect the image view control in the control frame to display a menu of video formatting choices. On the remote con

Page 11 - Turning the system on/off

English - 19Playing content from an iPod or iPhone Your LIFESTYLE® system can play audio and video from an iPod or iPhone using the 30-pin accessory

Page 12 - Selecting a source

2 - EnglishSafety InformationPlease review the important safety information in your VideoWave® III entertainment system Operating Guide before using y

Page 13 - Moving through channels

20 - EnglishControl console features1 Control console system status lightOff ...System is offBlinking green ...System is starti

Page 14 - Control frame overview

English - 21Viewing photosPhoto files in a .jpg or .jpeg format can be displayed from a USB flash drive.Plug the USB flash drive into the USB connector o

Page 15 - Selecting source controls

22 - EnglishConnecting to the front analog A/V inputsOn the front of the control console, use the analog A/V and HDMI inputs to temporarily connect s

Page 16 - Entering channel numbers

English - 23Changing Source and System OptionsThis section describes optional settings which affect operation of the system and some sources that are

Page 17 - Controlling Your Sources

24 - EnglishChanging settingsThe OPTIONS menu allows you to change source-related and system settings. The items listed in the menu vary according to

Page 18 - Video muting

English - 25Channel numberTurns off the channel number queue, or specifies the maximum number of digits used for the source you have selected. The size

Page 19 - Controlling iPod or iPhone

26 - EnglishGamma and color adjustmentsNote: We recommend using a qualified technician to make Gamma and color adjustments. Factory settingRange Dark

Page 20 - Control console features

English - 27UNIFY® system overviewThe intelligent integration system guides you through the initial process of setting up and configuring your system.

Page 21 - Photo viewing controls

28 - EnglishSource setupA setup function will appear in the menu for each connected device using the name assigned to it during the initial setup proc

Page 22 - Controlling front A/V sources

English - 29Customizing the control frameThis function allows you to choose which controls you want to see in the control frame for each source.1. In

Page 23 - English - 23

English - 3ContentsIntroductionWelcome ... 5Product Overview ...

Page 24 - Available settings

30 - EnglishInstalling the IR emitterIn order to control external sources like a set-top box or DVD player, the control console is designed to transmi

Page 25 - Basic video adjustments

English - 31Controlling the system using a third-party remote controlA third-party remote control, such as your set-top box remote control, can be pr

Page 26 - Automatic off

32 - EnglishProblem What to doThe system is not responding to initial operation of the click pad remote control• Make sure the control console is tur

Page 27 - UNIFY system functions

English - 33TroubleshootingPairing the remote control with the console1. Hold the remote control close to the control console.2. Press and hold both

Page 28 - Changing Your System Setup

34 - EnglishReplacing the batteriesWhen the remote control batteries need replacing, a low-battery message appears on the monitor. When replacing the

Page 29 - Customizing the control frame

English - 35WARNING: To avoid the risk of electric shock, make sure your hands are dry before unplugging your system from, or plugging your system int

Page 30 - Installing the IR emitter

36 - EnglishLimited warrantyYour VideoWave® III entertainment system is covered by a limited warranty. See your product registration card for details.

Page 31 - third-party remote control

English - 37To receive a copy of the source code for the open source soft-ware programs included in this product, please mail your written request to:

Page 32 - Troubleshooting

©2013 Bose Corporation, The Mountain, Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USA AM370625 Rev. 00

Page 33

4 - EnglishContentsUsing the Front Analog A/V and HDMI™ InputsConnecting to the front analog A/V inputs ... 24Controlling front A/V

Page 34 - Cleaning

English - 5IntroductionWelcomeThank you for choosing the Bose® VideoWave® III entertainment system for your home.By now, your system should be success

Page 35 - Care and Maintenance

6 - EnglishIntroductionSystem overviewThe VideoWave® entertainment system offers a unique ap-proach to controlling external devices like a cable set-t

Page 36 - Technical information

English - 7IntroductionBose® click pad remote control overviewPower on/offTurns the system on/off including connected devices. See “Turning the syste

Page 37

8 - EnglishIntroductionControl frame overviewThe control frame consists of functions or controls used by the source you have selected. These replace t

Page 38 - AM370625 Rev. 00

English - 9IntroductionClick pad overview1 TouchPlace your thumb on the click pad to see the control frame.2 GlideGlide your thumb along the click pad

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