Bose CE-1 CONTROL EXPANDER UNIT Operations Instructions

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©2010 Sony Corporation
Home Theatre
Operating Instructions
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Home Theatre

©2010 Sony Corporation4-199-837-12(1)Home Theatre SystemOperating InstructionsHT-DDW8600HT-DDW7600

Page 2 - About This Manual


Page 3 - On Copyright

11GB* You can watch the selected input image when you connect the MONITOR OUT or HDMI TV OUT jack to a TV or projector (page 21).C DIGITAL INPUT/OUTPU

Page 4 - Table of Contents

12GBYou can use the supplied remote to operate the receiver and to control the Sony audio/video components that the remote is assigned to operate (pag

Page 5 - Additional Information

13GBName FunctionH AMP MENU Press to display the menu of the receiver. Then, use V, v, B, b and (P) to perform menu operations.IENTER Press to enter

Page 6 - Front panel

14GBa)The number 5, TV VOL +, MASTER VOL + and H buttons have tactile dots. Use the tactile dots as references when operating the receiver.b)This butt

Page 7 - Name Function

15GBGetting Started1: Installing the speakersHT-DDW7600 onlyThis receiver allows you to use a 7 channel speaker with 2 subwoofer system.Example of a 7

Page 8

16GBBefore you install the center speaker, surround speakers, surround back speaker and subwoofers, be sure to attach the supplied foot pads to preven

Page 9

17GBGetting Started2: Connecting the speakers and subwoofersBefore connecting the cords, be sure to disconnect the AC power cord.The following illustr

Page 10 - Rear panel

18GBTo connect the speakers correctlyCheck the speaker type by referring to the speaker label* on the rear panel of the speakers.*The center speaker a

Page 11 - 50mA MAX

19GBGetting StartedThe following illustration shows how to connect to the subwoofers.NoteTo adjust the volume of all the speakers and the subwoofers a

Page 12 - Remote commander

2GBTo reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture.To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventila

Page 13

20GBHT-DDW8600ASubwoofer BSubwoofer CSubwooferDSubwoofera)Use the red and black speaker cords to connect the subwoofers. Red wire is positive (+) in

Page 14

21GBGetting Started3: Connecting the TVYou can watch the selected input image when you connect the HDMI TV OUT or MONITOR OUT jack to a TV.It is not n

Page 15 - 1: Installing the speakers

22GBNotes• Be sure to turn on the receiver when the video and audio signals of a playback component are being output to a TV via the receiver. Unless

Page 16 - 3 Hang the speakers on the

23GBGetting Started4b: Connecting the video componentsThis section describes how to connect your video components to this receiver. Before you begin,

Page 17 - Connecting the speakers

24GBHDMI is the abbreviated name for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is an interface which transmits video and audio signals in digital forma

Page 18 - To connect the speakers

25GBGetting StartedTo enjoy TV multi channel surround sound broadcastingYou can listen to TV multi channel surround sound broadcasting from the speake

Page 19 - Connecting the subwoofers

26GBThe following illustration shows how to connect a DVD player or a Blu-ray disc player.It is not necessary to connect all the cords. Connect audio


27GBGetting StartedThe following illustration shows how to connect a satellite tuner or a set-top box.It is not necessary to connect all the cords. Co

Page 21 - Audio signals

28GBThe following illustration shows how to connect a component which has analog jacks such as a DVD recorder, VCR, etc.It is not necessary to connect

Page 22 - 4a: Connecting the audio

29GBGetting StartedNotes• Be sure to change the factory setting of the VIDEO 1 input button on the remote so that you can use the button to control y

Page 23 - Component to be connected

3GBThis receiver incorporates Dolby* Digital and Pro Logic Surround and the DTS** Digital Surround System.* Manufactured under license from Dolby Labo

Page 24 - C Audio cord (not supplied)*

30GB6: Preparing the receiver and the remoteIf your receiver and power amplifier have a voltage selector on the rear panel, check that the voltage sel

Page 25 - Notes on HDMI connections

31GBGetting Started2 Hold down ?/1 for 5 seconds.After “CLEARING” appears on the display for a while, “CLEARED” appears.All the settings you have chan

Page 26 - Connecting a DVD player, Blu

32GBNotes• The Auto Calibration function does not work when headphones are connected.• If the muting function has been activated before you perform Au

Page 27 - D Audio cord (not supplied)

33GBGetting Started3 Measurement starts.The measurement process will take a few minutes to complete.The table below shows the display when measurement

Page 28 - Camcorder/

34GBError codes and remediesWhen warning codes appearDuring Auto Calibration, the warning code provides information on the measurement result. The war

Page 29 - 5: Connecting the

35GBGetting Startedc)For details, refer “Front speaker distance” (page 48).d)For details, refer “Tip” on page 49.8: Adjusting the speaker levels and b

Page 30 - 1 Press ?/1 to turn off the

36GB5 Press V/v repeatedly to select “T. TONE Y”.The test tone is output from each speaker in sequence as follows:Front left t Center t Front right t

Page 31 - 7: Calibrating the

37GB Playback* “SA-CD/CD/CD-R” scrolls across the display, then “SA-CD/CD” appears.2 Turn on the component and start playback.3 Press MASTER VOL +/– t

Page 32 - 2 Press AUTO CAL


Page 33 - 4 Measurement ends


Page 34 - Warning codes and solutions

4GBTable of ContentsDescription and location of parts...6Getting Started1: Installing the speakers ...152: C

Page 35 - (TEST TONE)

40GBNavigating through menusBy using the amplifier menus, you can make various adjustments to customize the receiver.1 Press AMP MENU.“1-LEVEL” appear

Page 36 - Selecting a component

41GB Amplifier OperationsThe following options are available in each menu. For details on navigating through menus, see page 40.Overview of the menus

Page 37 - Naming inputs

42GBa)For details, refer to the page in the parentheses.b)This parameter is not available for models of area code EA3.Menu [Display]Parameters [Displa


43GB Amplifier OperationsAdjusting the level (LEVEL menu)You can use the LEVEL menu to adjust the balance and level of each speaker. These settings a

Page 39 - Watching a DVD/Blu-ray disc

44GBAdjusting the equalizer (TONE menu)You can use the TONE menu to adjust the tonal quality (bass/treble level) of the front speakers. Select “2-TONE

Page 40 - Amplifier Operations

45GB Amplifier OperationsBy decoding the surround back signal of DVD software (etc.) recorded in Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS-ES Matrix, DTS-ES Dis

Page 41 - Overview of the menus

46GBSettings for the tuner (TUNER menu)You can use the TUNER menu to set the FM station receiving mode and to name preset stations.Select “4-TUNER” in

Page 42

47GB Amplifier Operationsx DUAL (Digital broadcast language selection)Lets you select the language you want to listen to during digital broadcast. Th

Page 43 - Adjusting the level

48GBSettings for the HDMI (HDMI menu)You can use the HDMI menu to make various adjustments for HDMI.Select “6-HDMI” in the amplifier menus. For detail

Page 44 - Settings for the surround

49GB Amplifier Operationsx SBL DIST. (Surround back left speaker distance)x SBR DIST. (Surround back right speaker distance)Lets you set the distance

Page 45 - Using the surround back

5GBUsing the RemoteChanging button assignments ... 71Additional InformationGlossary ...

Page 46 - Settings for the audio

50GB• BEHD/HISelect if the location of your surround speakers corresponds to sections B and D.• BEHD/LOSelect if the location of your surround speaker

Page 47

51GB Enjoying Surround SoundEnjoying Dolby Digital and DTS Surround sound (AUTO FORMAT DIRECT)The Auto Format Direct (A.F.D.) mode allows you to lis

Page 48 - Settings for the system

52GBTypes of A.F.D. modeNoteDolby Pro Logic IIx decoding does not function for DTS format signals or for signals with a sampling frequency of more tha

Page 49

53GB Enjoying Surround SoundSelecting a pre-programmed sound fieldYou can take advantage of surround sound simply by selecting one of the receiver’s

Page 50 - Calibrating the

54GBTypes of sound field available* You can only select this sound field if the headphones are connected to the receiver.Sound field forSound field [D

Page 51 - Enjoying Dolby Digital

55GB Enjoying Surround SoundNotes• The effects provided by the virtual speakers may cause increased noise in the playback signal. • When listening w

Page 52 - Types of A.F.D. mode

56GBEnjoying the surround effect at low volume levels (NIGHT MODE) This function allows you to retain a theater likeenvironment at low volume levels.

Page 53 - Selecting a pre

57GB Tuner OperationsListening to FM/AM radioYou can listen to FM and AM broadcasts through the built-in tuner. Before operation, make sure you hav

Page 54

58GBEnter the frequency of a station directly by using the numeric buttons.1 Press TUNER repeatedly to select the FM or AM band.You can also use INPUT

Page 55 - Using only the front

59GB Tuner OperationsPresetting FM/AM radio stationsYou can preset up to 30 FM stations and 30 AM stations. Then you can easily tune in the station

Page 56 - (NIGHT MODE)

6GBDescription and location of partsReceiverPower amplifierFront panelMULTI STEREOGAMENIGHT MODEPHONESMOVIEA.F.D.AUTO CAL MICVIDEOL AUDIO RVIDEO

Page 57 - 2 Press TUNING + or TUNING –

60GB1 Press TUNER repeatedly to select the FM or AM band.You can also use INPUT SELECTOR on the receiver.2 Tune in the preset station you want to crea

Page 58 - Changing the AM tuning scale

61GB “BRAVIA” Sync FeaturesNoteDepending on the connected component, the Control for HDMI function may not work. Refer to the operating instructio

Page 59 - Tuning to preset stations

62GBWhen your TV is not compatible with the “Control for HDMI-Easy Setting” functionTurn the Control for HDMI function of the receiver and the connect

Page 60 - “BRAVIA” Sync Features

63GB “BRAVIA” Sync FeaturesWatching a DVD (One-Touch Play)You can enjoy sound and image from the components connected to the receiver via HDMI co

Page 61 - “BRAVIA” Sync

64GBTurning off the receiver with the TV (System Power Off)When you turn the TV off by using the POWER button on the TV’s remote, the receiver and th

Page 62

65GB Other OperationsSwitching between digital and analog audio (INPUT MODE)When you connect components to both digital and analog audio input ja

Page 63 - Enjoying the TV sound

66GBListening to digital sound from other inputs (DIGITAL ASSIGN)You can reassign digital audio input that has OPTICAL or COAXIAL (SAT IN, DVD IN) si

Page 64 - Turning off the receiver

67GB Other OperationsEnjoying the DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMPORT)The DIGITAL MEDIA PORT (DMPORT) allows you to enjoy sound and image from a network

Page 65 - Audio input modes

68GBNotes• When connecting the DIGITAL MEDIA PORT adapter, be sure the connector is inserted with the arrow mark facing towards the arrow mark on the


69GB Other OperationsChanging the displayYou can check the sound field, etc., by changing the information on the display.Press DISPLAY repeatedly

Page 67 - MEDIA PORT

7GBName FunctionA ?/1 (on/standby)Press to turn the receiver on or off (page 30, 38, 39, 56, 61).B INPUT SELECTORTurn to select the input source to pl

Page 68 - 1 Press DMPORT

70GBRecording using the receiverYou can record from an audio/video component using the receiver. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with you

Page 69 - Using the Sleep Timer

71GB Using the RemoteChanging button assignmentsYou can change the factory settings of the input buttons to suit the components in your system.

Page 70 - Recording onto a recording

72GBGlossaryx Cinema Studio EXA surround sound mode that can be regarded as the compilation of Digital Cinema Sound technology, delivers the sound of

Page 71 - Changing button

73GB Additional Informationx Dolby Pro Logic IIxTechnology for 7.1 channel (or 6.1 channel) playback. Along with audio encoded in Dolby Digital

Page 72 - Glossary

74GBPrecautionsOn safetyShould any solid object or liquid fall into the cabinet, unplug the receiver and have it checked by qualified personnel before

Page 73

75GB Additional InformationTroubleshootingIf you experience any of the following difficulties while using the receiver, use this troubleshootin

Page 74 - Precautions

76GBThere is severe hum or noise.• Check that the speakers and components are connected securely.• Check that the connecting cords are away from a tra

Page 75 - Troubleshooting

77GB Additional InformationThere is no picture or an unclear picture appears on the TV screen.• Select the appropriate input using the input bu

Page 76

78GBNo sound is output from the receiver and TV speaker while using the System Audio Control function.• Make sure the TV is compatible with the System

Page 77

79GB Additional InformationThe remote does not function.• Point the remote at the remote sensor on the receiver.• Remove any obstacles in the p

Page 78 - Ground wire

8GBAbout the indicators on the displayLFEMEMD.RANGESLEEP FM AM STHDMI COAXOPTLCSL SSBSBL SBRRSRSWPL IIxDTS -ES 96/24NEO:6D12 3 4 576890qaName Function

Page 79 - To clear See

80GBSpecificationsAmplifier sectionModels of area code AU1, E51, SA2, EA3, AR2• Receiver (STR-KM7600)Power OutputStereo mode output (rated) (6 ohms, 1

Page 80 - Specifications

81GB Additional InformationHDMI VideoInput/Output (HDMI Repeater block)640 × 480p@60 Hz720 × 480p@59.94/60 Hz1280 × 720p@59.94/60 Hz1920 × 1080

Page 81

82GB• Center speaker (SS-CNP7500)Speaker system 2-way, 3-driver, Bass reflex, Magnetically shieldedSpeaker unitWoofer: 100 mm, cone type × 2Tweeter: 2

Page 82

83GB Additional InformationIndexNumerics2CH STEREO 55AAUTO CALIBRATION 31AUTO FORMAT DIRECT (A.F.D.) 51BBlu-ray disc playerconnecting 24, 2

Page 83

Sony Corporation Printed in Malaysia(1)

Page 84 - Printed in Malaysia

9GBName FunctionG Dolby Pro Logic indicators PL PLII PLIIxLights up one of the respective indicators when the receiver applies Dolby Pro Log

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