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Engineered Sound Processor
OF 4
Product Overview
The Bose
ESP-88 engineered
sound processor is a flexible, expandable, and
igh-quality audio signal processor for engineered
sound applications such as churches, theaters,
auditoriums, and sports venues. The base model
(ESP-88) includes eight inputs (microphone or
line-level selectable) and eight line level outputs.
Four available audio slots allow the addition of
to 16 more analog audio channels – inputs,
outputs or a combination – or up to 32 digital
audio channels (AES3) as inputs, outputs or a
combination. For even larger or distribuited system
multiple ESP-88s can be used per system.
Product Information
The ControlSpace ESP-88 has a complete set of
audio processing algorithms, a flexible signal path
and an open card architecture that make it an
excellent solution for most engineered sound
A single 200MHz TMS320C6713 DSP chip is used
to provide processing power and audio channels
needed for most applications. For larger applica-
tions, optional audio expansion cards can be added
and an optional DSP expansion card can increase
processor power and delay memory by 300%.
The optional Enhanced Dynamic Range input and
output cards provide 111dB dynamic range for
projects where this level of system performance
is a requirement.
For controlling these systems, the ESP-88 supports
multiple choices of user controllers including simple
potentiomenters wired to the ESP-88’s control port,
the ControlSpace CC-16 zone controller and the
ControlSpace CC-64 control center.
The Bose ControlSpac
Designer softw
(included in the box) is used to configure the
88 as well as the user controllers. As soon as
a signal processing control is mapped or link
ed to
a controller
, the Smar
t Sim
ulation engine allo
immediate test of functionality to verify all
control prog
amming. Visual cues within the
Designer software indicate signal path state to
make troubleshooting complex designs easier.
The softw
are r
uns on a PC and communicates
with the system o
er Ether
mation subject to change without notice
Key Features
8 mic/line inputs and 8 line outputs
8 control inputs and 8 control outputs
Flexible cardframe architecture
Low latency (610 microseconds analog in to analog out)
Supported algorithms: compressor/limiter, crossover,
delay, filters, gain/mute, graphic EQ, matrix mixer, meters,
mixer, noise/tone generators, noise gate, parametric EQ,
router, Bose speaker EQ and crossovers, ducker, auto-
matic gain control and source selectors
RS-485 port for connecting up to 15 ControlSpace
CC-16 zone controllers.
Real-time clock for scheduling events by time of day
or day of week
Smart Simulation engine enables designers to observe
and v
ify system design and controls par
ameters on-
screen whether connected to the system or not
Easily drag/drop, copy/paste, “paste all” and undo inputs,
, EQ settings, speaker settings and connections
Visual cues on screen mak
e it easier to verify and
troubleshoot system functions.
Parameter sets allow one system to provide different
scenes and operation in separate rooms or zones.
The ControlSpace ESP-88 w
ell suited for:
Houses of worship
Sporting venues
Room combining
Multipurpose facilities
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