Bose Wave Radio II Operations Instructions

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WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIOwner’s Guide©2012 Bose Corporation, The Mountain,Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USAAM352154 Rev.00WMS Page 1 W


10 – EnglishLISTENING TO RADIOSelecting the radio bandPress Radio to turn on the radio to the station last selected. Press Radio as necessary to selec


English – 11PLAYING COMPACT DISCSPlaying audio compact discs (CDs)Insert the disc, label side up, into the CD slot below the display. The disc player

Page 4 - For your records

12 – EnglishPLAYING COMPACT DISCSFor example: To play, pause, stop or eject an MP3 CD, use the same remote control buttons as for an audio CD. See “Pl


English – 13SETTING AND USING THE ALARMSIntroductionThe Wave® Music System III has two independent alarms, Alarm 1 and Alarm 2.Each alarm can be set f

Page 6 - Setting the clock

14 – EnglishSETTING AND USING THE ALARMSUsing the alarmsTurning an alarm on or offPress or to turn the selected alarm on or off.When an alarm is t

Page 7 - Special Features

English – 15CONNECTING OTHER EQUIPMENTRear panel input/outputsThe rear panel of your Wave® music system III provides connections for external equipmen

Page 8 - Touch pad

16 – EnglishCONNECTING OTHER EQUIPMENT4. Press and hold Volume or to adjust the listening level.Note: If the volume level of your Wave® music system


English – 17PERSONALIZING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIThe setup menuThe setup menu allows you to customize the operation of the Wave® music system III.

Page 10 - Listening to FM/AM radio

18 – EnglishPERSONALIZING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIAdjusting the snooze timeThis setting determines the duration of time the system remains silent w

Page 11 - Playing music file (MP3)

English – 19PERSONALIZING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIAdjusting the display brightnessThe brightness level of the display automatically adjusts itself

Page 12 - Play modes for music file CDs

2 – EnglishSAFETY INFORMATIONPlease read this owner’s guidePlease take the time to follow the instructions in this owner’s guide carefully. It will he

Page 13 - Alarm status indicators

20 – EnglishPERSONALIZING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIPerforming a system resetIf you wish, you can restore your Wave® music system III to the original

Page 14 - Stopping a sounding alarm

English – 21MAINTAINING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIITroubleshootingProblem What to doSystem does not function • Make sure the power cord is fully plugg

Page 15 - Using the AUX IN connector

22 – EnglishMAINTAINING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIReplacing the remote control batteryWARNING: Keep the remote control battery away from children. It

Page 16 - Connecting to a Lifestyle

English – 23INDEXAAC power 6AC power rating 22acoustic waveguide 7alarms, using the 14AM 10AM reception 21AM/PM (12-hour) time 6, 17, 18ambient light

Page 17 - The setup menu

24 – EnglishINDEXRradio alarm 13radio station 10rapid adjustment 6RDS 17, 18rear panel 15registration card 22remote control 8remote control battery 21

Page 20 - Performing a system reset

CONTACT INFORMATIONUSA Customer SupportBose Corporation, The MountainFramingham, MA 01701-91681-800-367-4008USA Customer ServiceBose Corporation, 1 Ne

Page 21 - Troubleshooting

WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIOwner’s Guide©2012 Bose Corporation, The Mountain,Framingham, MA 01701-9168 USAAM352154 Rev.00WMS Page 1 W

Page 22 - 22 – English

English – 3IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS1. Read these instructions – for all components before using this product. 2. Keep these instructions – for fu

Page 23 - English – 23

4 – EnglishInformation about products that generate electrical noiseIf applicable, this equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits

Page 24 - 24 – English

English – 5CONTENTSSETTING UP YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM III ... 6Unpacking ... 6Selecting a lo

Page 25

6 – EnglishSETTING UP YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIUnpackingPlease check the shipping carton for the following items:*The appropriate power cord(s) for

Page 26

English – 7SETTING UP YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIIntroductionThank you for purchasing the Bose® Wave® music system III, an elegant way to bring high q


8 – EnglishOPERATING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIRemote control You r Wav e® music system III is easily operated using the remote control. Just aim the

Page 28

English – 9OPERATING YOUR WAVE® MUSIC SYSTEM IIIReading the displayTurning the Wave® music system III on and offTo turn the system on or off (standb

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